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Ada "Wes" Weston
"We love our superheroes because they refuse to give up on us. We can analyze them out of existence, kill them, ban them, mock them, and still they return, patiently reminding us of who we are, and what we wish we could be."
Grant Morrison


  • Wes is a young woman in her early thirties with a slight build, a fairly disheveled appearance, and a thick Texan accent. Her hair is close-cropped, buzzed on the sides and top, and rarely cared for with anything resembling a comb or product. There are almost omni-present bags under her eyes from burning the midnight oil (thanks creativity peaking at night!) though there's something of a roguish gleam buried underneath the exhaustion.


  • Wes has a dry sense of humor, and a reserved personality.

Public History

  • Born in 1990 in Amarillo, Texas
  • Attended college at the University of Oklaholma.
  • In Syria covering the Arab Spring from 2010 to 2011
  • Moved to Philly in 2012
  • First Change occurred at a comic convention in California in 2014
  • First breakout comic published by Image Comics in 2015
  RP Hooks

  • "Doom Patrol" - Wes joined up with Philly's Storm Lords just before the The Wounding of Bancroft went down. She wasn't a part of the battle, but she's been trying to keep her head down ever since... which isn't very becoming of a Cahalith, or a Storm Lord, now is it?
  • "Lumberjanes" - Wes is queer, and very vocal about her transness on social media, and when asked in interviews about her comics. Maybe you think that's pretty inspiring. Maybe you're a fan of queer comics characters. Let her know!
  • "Werewolf By Night" - Wes is a bit of a night owl. Peak creative hours for her occur between 10 PM and 3 AM, so that's when she gets most of her writing... and existing done. Are you nocturnal? So is she! Is it daytime? Fuck, she's exhausted.
  • "The Nine Hells" - Wes's first ongoing comic series "The Nine Hells" was the first arc of a pulp barbarian story in the vein of Robert E. Howard's Conan. To an outside eye, it's just a tremendously quality story with reverence for it's influences that still manages a feminist critique of the the way women and indigenous peoples were depicted in the Sword and Sorcery genre for decades. The perceptive Uratha might notice more than a few veiled references to their legends and lore.


  • Jano: "Update Quote Later."

Full Name:
Ada Weston
Kristen Stewart
Apparent Age:
Early 30's
Indie Comic Writer
Cahalith/Storm Lord
Cunning 1
Glory 2
Honor 1
Wisdom 3
Anna / Jacqueline

Public Effects:

> "Little Girl Blue and the Battle Envy", Skating Polly
I'm not saying anything
I'd rather walk to my grave
And all the bells you can ring
But I forfeit
So it goes
I'm not doing anything
I gave up on winner's faith
I gave up on feeling brave
And I forfeit
So it goes

"The Highwomen", The Highwomen

I was a preacher
My heart broke for all the world
But teaching was unrighteous for a girl
In the summer I was baptized in the mighty Colorado
In the winter I heard the hounds and I knew I had been found
And in my Savior's name, I laid my weapons down
But I am still around