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[[Category: Silver Ladder]]
[[Category: Silver Ladder]]
[[Category: Mastigos]]
[[Category: Acanthus]]
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[[Category: Active NPC]]
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[[Category: Clavicularius]]
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[[Category: Mage]]

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Path-acanthus.png If There is a Remedy, Then What is the Use of Frustration? Order-silverladder.png

 Bodhisattva could be phenomenally wealthy doing what she does. Mind and Fate are a potent combination when you play the markets. But all of that conspicuous wealth trickles down into the cryptopolies, funding the Silver Ladder's ambitions within the city with cold hard cash. Usually the Silver Ladder operates in the reverse direction, using the sleepers and cultists in their service to fund other operations; but in a city as crippled with poverty as Philadelphia, the opposite must be true. Bodhisattva is the ideal candidate in this regard, living quite the ascetic life when not adorning herself in riches for her life among the sleepers. Even the house she claims is a front, since she spends most of her down time sleeping on a cot in her consilium office.

RP Hooks
  • Stock Analyst - It's weird how insightful she is about stock market trends. Heh.
  • Cryptovoskos - With a name like Bodhisattva, it's safe to say all that money goes places other than her bank account. She funds the Cryptopolies.
  • Aloof - She often seems to disengage from casual conversation.
  • Supportive - She's always willing to aid in the development of or expanding of current or new cryptopolies.
Full Title

Master Factotum Bodhisattva, Thearch and Psychonaut on the Path to Arcadia, Supernal Realm of Fate and Time, and abode of Fae, Cryptovoskos of the Silver Ladder of the Convocation of the Northeast, Master of Mind, Adept of Time and Fate, Apprentice of Space


Cryptovoskos Bodhisattva, Thearch Psychonaut (NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Date of Birth: ???
Apparent Age: 30s
Occupation: Stock Analyst
Tenure: 8 years

Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Clavicularius
Cadre: Solitaire