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Content Warning

Death by the Sword


Consilium Hall


New Scene: Trial

A few people are gathered in auditorium, The Councilors and the Hierarch are all there, on the stage, most of them dressed up in ceremonial outfits for the occasion, all of them with somber airs as their expressions. Gardener is there as well, keeping watch over a pacified young man staring blankly toward the stage. A few others are in the room, watching the events unfold from the shadows or the back rows.

It seems they're waiting for something or someone before going forward with the proceedings.

The Interfector arrived without any particular ceremony. They wore a rather shapeless black robe reminiscent of a judge's with a hood up around their masked face and black leather gloves. They gave a little nod that wasn't quite a bow to the officers of the Consilium before striding forward to take their place near the young man.

Magpie lounges in his seat in the hall, his purple and silver accented coat practically gleaming. He’s wearing a little purple and white beaked mask as part of the look, his short blonde hair gelled back and spiked up. His bright blue eyes peer over the scene, only slightly bored.

Pavlichenko is present, repping the Guardians of the Veil sans death mask. He's seated near the front in the event he will be called to testify-- his brain holds the audio, visual, and supernal magical replay of the crimes of the accused. Might come in handy.

The Interfector's arrival earns first his attention, followed by an expression of profound contempt. He hocks up a huge loogie and spits right at the Interfector, careful to stay out of the wretched thing's shadow.

Bodhisattva makes her way onto the stage, wearing a dark gray woolen vest, loose fitting gray pants and comfortable shoes, she wields papers in her hands and has some glasses set upon her nose, turns to address the councilors and hierarch, while keeping Gardner in sight, but her back to The Interfector.

"The Crimes of the accused are known to the council already, but they bear repeating for the records and the audience." A deep breath is taken. "As a preface, The Consilium of the Martyr's Tree of the lesser Convocation of the Northwest would like to extend its thanks to Adept Pavlichenko, Master Revontulet, Master Aletheia, Master Juno and Master Hearth for risking their safety and lives in capturing the accused that stand before us tonight."

"The Mage known as Uvhash, Adept in Death, Matter and Prime, stand before the councilors, The Interfector and the Wise assembled accused of: Eight counts of use of magic to murder a sleeper, One count of use of magic to murder a member of the awakened, Adept Pegasus, Herald of the Fecund Coin." Bodhisattva takes a short moment to take a breath at this moment. "One count of interfering with the duties of an officer of the consilium of the Fecund Coin, One count of theft of an imbued item, Gaveston's Roar and two counts of Left-Hand practice for handing his soul to the Abyss as a Scelesti and one for human sacrifice for gains of Potentia."

Gardener gives the accused a side glance as the list just keeps expanding. The Accused doesn't display any reaction at the reading of the accusations levied against him, though he looks vaguely in the direction of the one speaking up.

The Interfector looked up from the accused to stare in Pavlichenko's direction for a too-long moment after he spat in their direction. The ritual contempt and disgust was de rigueur for the position though the floor where the spit had landed didn't deserve to be so defiled. They looked back to Uvhash as the crimes were read, studying the young man who'd been so corrupted.

"The interrogation and containment of the Accused has been conducted by the Guardians of the Veil and the Council to compile evidence and corroborate other Abyssal events and has uncovered no direct, active links to the current situation." Bodhisattva continues addressing those present, never looking at the Interfector, as if purposefully shunning him by ignoring the presence.

The Factotum turns to face the room a bit more fully. "Are there any additional information, or statement that those present for today's proceedings want to offer in regard to this situation?" Clearly, she awaits a few moments, just in case someone had a question or a surprise statement.

Fox slinks in. Literally, a Fox slinks in. As is right and proper for an Orphan of Proteus, Fox wears her soul-skin tonight, the animal to whom she has shaped her being. She's a little late, because time is relative, and appointments are for people who aren't sometimes vixens. Her soft little pap pap pap leads from the back of the room to the front of it, and Revontulet sits on the floor next to Pavlichenko, wrapping her puffy tail around herself and not just hopping up on his lap per the usual. This is Serious Business Vasha, who may not want fox hair all over his fancy Official Guardian Robes. When her name is mentioned by Bohisattva, it just coincidentally overlaps with her yawning really big and showing off the death maw of her many many pointy and sharp little teefums.

It's Vasha's turn to rise from his seat, "If it please the Council and the Prosecutor, I retain in my mind a true accounting of most of the events related to the charges. The murders of Adept Pegasus, and the harvesting of the sleeper staff of the hotel where Pegasus was murdered."

"I would be willing to testify under oath, should it be asked of me, and open my mind to whatever scrutiny of these particular events the council deem necessary."

Vasha doesn't look to the accused until the end of his speech. His expression doesn't change.

Magpie has his elbow on the chair in front of him, propping his chin on his hand, watching things unfold. He nods a little at Vasha pronouncement of captured memories, and titters softly at how everything’s unfolding. He manages not to hum.

Bodhisattva looks vaguely to the Fox as they arrives, acknowledging the presence specifically. Then turns toward Pavlichenko when he speaks to their intention. "The council's own investigation into this matters corroborate your reports entirely, your word will be enough in this case, Adept Pavlichenko, thank you for making the offer."

A few of the Councilors stand from their seat, craning their neck to try and see who Bodhisattva is interacting with at first, Ecbberht and Baldur in particular, then sit back down once their curiosity is satisfied.

The Factotum General turns her attention toward the council in particular before. "Does the Council stand ready to render their decision based on the facts and the extensive argument presented by Adept Uvhash during his captivity?"

Another late arrival tries very quietly to inch towards a seat somewhere near the back of the gathering. Tanya is wearing a black blazer and long skirt with an offwhite shirt, like she's prepared for a court appearance, and does her best to appear inconspicuous without any magical assistance. Once settled, however, she stares at the proceedings with rapt attention. Her gaze takes in everything, showing intense interest in the Councilors, the Accused...and the Interfector, who she openly gawks at, completely undermining her attempts to not stick out as a rank neophyte.

The Interfector flicked a brief glance at Tanya slipping in, and then waved their hand a little as if saying 'let's get on with it.'

Vasha inclines his head to Bodhisattva, "Very well, Counselor. I require no further Recognition. Thank you." Vasha gives the council itself a respectful nod, then settles back down into his seat to fold up his arms and watch the drama play out.

Baldur looks to the rest of the group, curious as to their reaction to the question. Penance and Walshingham acquiesce to the question, Ecberht and Constantine both look to the youngest of their numbers.

"I will often make argument for reformations and alternatives during these kind of proceedings." A brief pause from them "I don't know that I could make the case for Adept Uvhash. Having personally heard the nihilistic ranting and in context of our recent problems, it would not be safe for anyone for him to remain free, or even alive."

The Hierarch then speaks up, clearly this was something that was spoken about behind the scenes. "The council was unanimous in its decision that we find the accused to be guilty of the many charges brought against him."

Walsingham speaks next "The Council was not Unanimous in deciding the sentencing." though he doesn't speak of the specifics before he announces the verdict. "As the Moros councilor and the Accused sharing my path, I relay the council's decision." a deep breath as Walsingham delivers the dramatic finish. "Adept Uvhash has forfeited his life in the eyes of the Lex Magica"

It appears to be of no surprise to anyone, but some of the people watching are now on the Interfector.

Bodhisattvas looks then to the crowd and the assembled, as if waiting for potential objections, as there has been in the past.

Fox turns her head to look about when someone else arrives - and then she arches her vulpine eyebrows up when she spots Tanya, like she wasn't late too. A soft chuff and a tip of her head summons her apprentice to come sit next to Vasha.

She twitches the tip of her tail, her gold-green gaze turning now to the -- well. The convict. A small, thin and sad sound curls in the back of her throat.

Tanya quietly scoots her way over to join Fox and Vasha. She takes her seat and watches Uvhash, eyes flicking now and then to the Interfector. A thousand questions are written on her face, but she stays silent, watching and learning.

The Interfector drew a short sword from beneath her robes when the sentence was handed down. It was an old gladius, nothing particularly special or magical and just a bare two feet long.

"If he escapes with his soul, he's receiving more mercy than he deserves," Vasha mutters aside to Fox, the bone deep loathing for this individual evident in every syllable.

The vixen turns her head up to look at Vasha, and then she melts up into a woman, marked with runes in blue paint and otherwise wearing nothing but a worried expression. "The day I do not mourn the loss of the small and imperfectly beautiful universe which is a life is the day I cease to be myself."

And that, perhaps, is the best summation of the difference between the affianced Awakened.

She melts back into her other native form and curls herself back up again.

"You didn't see what I saw." Vasha again mutters aside quietly. His attention drifts to the Interfector and the blade in question.

He might look a touch jealous.

Tanya notes the exchange between Fox and Vasha, but only briefly, and doesn't comment herself. Her mouth is hanging open slightly in something between awe and horror as she watches the Interfector approach. It has dawned on her that someone is going to die, right now, right here, in front of her, and she has never experienced it before, and is not prepared.

Walsingham's gaze wanders curiously on point with Vasha's statement, though it's hard to discern what exactly lies beneath the small, tiny gesture between guardians. All the same, Baldur looks toward Little Fox too.

Penance waits a few instant before speaking up. "Then the Council of the Wise formally instruct The Interfector to carry out the sentence: Death by the sword."

Gardener wordlessly touches The Accused and he falls to his knees, from the chair and the sentinel walks away from that area, instead choosing to stand between the council and the more direct, physical proceedings.

Magpie glances over to Tanya, frowning softly, and then looks back to the proceedings.

Another small shake of the head as the convict is put under to avoid the pain and terror. A luxury, his expression clearly states, his victims were not afforded.

One thrust, down through the neck and it pierced most of the major organs. It was done, efficiently and without any lingering suffering. The Interfector pulled the blade out, and then took a length of clean white linen from their pocket to clean off the blade. They dropped the bloody fabric across the face of the convict's body, and resheathed the blade. They bowed in deference to the Consillium and turned to leave.

Vasha once more makes certain to be out of the interfector's shadow as it retreats back up the aisle. Once more he spits at the thing, this time at its shadow on the floor. He gives it a good sneer, too, as it passes.

Ritually hating the Interfector is what passes for fun among Guardians, apparently.

As they passed him, the Interfector deviated ever so slightly from their straight path to bring their shadow a step closer to Vasha. The fun and games could be mutual sometimes, even in a deadly serious situation.

Tanya's expression falls into a stony discomfort after the deed is done. She stares at the body for a while, then tears her attention away, gaze downcast, her breath heavier than before. The interplay between Vasha and the Interfector distracts her attention, but serves to confuse her even more, not knowing the meaning of it all. Despite all this, the young Mastigos stays quiet, and composed. She does not cry or throw up or get up and run out.

She doesn't answer him again, just looks up at him with those clear vulpine eyes. The tip of Fox's brushy tail flicks once. She just stares at the Interfector as it's shadow crosses hers.

In fact, Walsingham seems to be prepared for that and covers the body with a sheet, containing the blood, scent and other realities of death so that they wouldn't cause a right mess of the area

Magpie's expression is collected behind his mask, and he does not look away until the affair is over. He looks about for a moment, getting a good eye on the Interfector, and waits for them to leave before stretching his arms a bit. He shivers and waits to stand until just a hair before others start to, making it out of his aisle without having to slow.

The Thyrsus rises from where she'd been sitting, and slinks over toward the fallen body. Her gaze rises to fix meet the gaze of each of the Councilors, an unspoken question in that vixen-green gaze. Fox doesn't comfort Tanya, not yet. She looks down at the sheet as it covers the body, and her shoulders roll a little bit. She does not shirk away from the body, but instead lays down next to it for a moment, resting her head on her delicate black paws.

Once the Interfector has well and truly passed, Vasha rises from his seat once more and buttons up his jacket. "I'm going to go drink to his victims."

There's a sidelong glance at Tanya, "You want to come, or do you want to stay? Fox will be along once she is done being Fox."

Magpie moves closer to the body, but hangs back, keeping his distance from it and Fox to murmur, “The boy reached through to the Soul of the World, and saw that it was part of the Soul of God. And he saw that the Soul of God was his own soul. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles.”

After that he steps back and looks to the others nearby, nodding to Tanya and Vasha.

Tanya is rattled, but still stands and meets Vasha's gaze. She furrows her brows and nods. Moving to exit with him, she pauses to look back at Magpie's words, return his nod, and take one final look at the corpse laid out on the ground beneath its bloody shroud, and the little Fox curled next to it.

Then she turns away, and leaves at Vasha's side. "I have questions."