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Lesser Convocation of the Northeast

 When Master Gaveston arrived in the New World, he landed firstly in New York. The Island of Manhattan had already been well colonized by Europeans, and under his stewardship the Fecund Coin consilium grew to prominence. His ambition for a regional convocation of the lesser with membership drawn from those colonies and cities where the Silver Ladder held sway is what gave birth to this Lesser Convocation.

 Where cities lacked consilii and resources, Gaveston paid visit. He personally oversaw the foundation of the Broken Oar in Boston, and had a large hand in the diplomacy with the French that led to the founding of the Cracked Stone in Portland. But sensing great change building in the hearts of humanity as the first wave of bourgeois revolutions would soon spell the end of the feudal aristocracy, he set his sights on Philadelphia, sensing not entirely incorrectly but also not entirely presciently that it would become the focal point of government for the resulting Fallen nation.

 To this day, Gaveston remains the author of the convocation. His hand is in its Lex Magica, and the choices he made in centuries past still reverberate in the politics and opinions of the convocation to this day.

 The Magisters of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast still uphold a great many of the traditions of the convocations founding. The rituals of the convocation are observed, the trappings of office upheld, and the forms and formulae followed to the letter. But there are many outside of the Magisterium who have grown tired by the obstructionist activities of the Fecund Coin in New York and urge for the expansion of the convocation to include other regional consilii, and perhaps the abolition of this convocation altogether with a new one formed of more progressive minded regional consilii.

 This constitutes the single greatest intrigue in the convocation today.



Recognized Consilii

  • Martyr's Tree Consilium, Philadelphia, PA
    • Hey, that's us! You can read more about the Martyr's Tree here.
  • Consilium of the Broken Oar, Boston, MA
    • A consilium that largely caters to the Mysterium which nurtures the collegiate and occult study within the region, patron of dozens of mystery cults.
    • The Hierarch is a Mastigos Mysterium and former apprentice of the current Hierophant.
  • Consilium of the Cracked Stone, Portland, ME
    • Thyrsus heavy, and home to numerous Oprhans of Proteus, the Portland consilium is one of the least political of the member consilii.
    • A Thyrsus Thearch serves as Hierarch, and the council is notably comprised by order rather than by path. This means Thyrsus are heavily represented on the council, but that political squabbling between the orders is minimal. Detractors say this will lead to trouble down the road, as they have turned their back on enlightenment from the Supernal in focusing so singularly on temporal harmony.
  • Consilium of the Fecund Coin, New York City, NY
    • By far the most dominant of the consilii forming the lesser convocation, it enforces its regional supremacy through frequent convocations of the least with non-member consilii. By appeasing the interests of these smaller consilii directly, they keep them from appealing to join the lesser convocation of the Northeast, ensuring the influence of the Fecund Coin is not diluted or lessened by the weighed opinions of lesser consilii.
    • The Original new world home of Gaveston, Thearch of the Obrimos, and founder of what would become the Martyr's Tree Consilium.
    • Staunchly in control of the Silver Ladder, though more traditional in their interpretations of the Lex Magica than any of the other member consilii.

Recognized Cadres