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From Dusk Till Jawn

Welcome to From Dusk Till Jawn Wiki,
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About From Dusk Till Jawn Wiki

From Dusk Till Jawn Wiki is a community focused project to provide information about From Dusk Till Jawn. We encourage everyone who would like to contribute, to sign up and pitch in — the more the merrier! FDTJ is set in Onyx Path Publishing's Chronicles of Darkness: a world like our own, sharing the same culture, history and geography, yet the shadows are deeper, nights darker and fog is thicker. It is a world where behind a carefully crafted facade of reality as we know it monsters lurk and predators stalk the long shadows. The game is set in Philadelphia in the present day. This game is intended for adults and should be considered R-Rated. Not all portions of the game will be safe to view from work enviroments.

Getting started with the game

Useful PC Lists

Work Safe Content

While the game is for adults, we do ask that content added to the wiki be marked appropriately. If pictures/logs or such are not considered work safe, then clearly mark the pages as such with 'NSFW' in the link/name so others do not accidentally stumble on things that trigger work filters. We appreciate everyone's help and consideration in this to keep the site accessible to all.

Wiki Guidelines

Plot Incentives

Do you want to run plots but don't have the time, energy, or confidence to be Staff? Consider PrPs! Player Run Plots are plots run by players for players. This allows plot to continue even when staff isn't running anything. PrP Runners receive 2 beats when they run plot scenes. Participants in PrP scenes receive 1 beat.

Below are the resources a Storyteller might find useful when starting a PrP:

Current Plots

Below is a summary of current ongoing open plots on From Dusk Till Jawn, with links to pages for more info on how to engage them when available.

Staff Plots




  • Nereids - Apparently mermaids are real, and they're infected vampires!


  • Nowhere Bus - An athlete has gone missing; supposedly he boarded a SEPTA bus, but now no one can find any trace of such a bus ever existing.


  • Long Way Down - Rat Hosts threaten Philadelphia from underneath, tunneling in and kidnapping civilians for sordid purposes.

Past Plots

  • Gentryfication - A Bridge Burner has been revealed within the Freehold, and the Lost must apprehend or kill her as well as undo the damage she has done to the city's dreams.

Player Run Plots


  • Light a Lantern for Me - The Ordo Dracul hunts for their new Chapterhouse after a leyline shift.

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