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Mortal & Mortal+

"I've said many, many, many unkind things about Philadelphia, and I meant every one."
- David Lynch

 The city of Philadelphia is home to over one and a half million individual souls. The region as a whole houses twice again that figure. It's a mammoth amount of humanity relative to the land that contains them, all crammed together in a region full of urban sprawl, dotted with clustered suburbs, and peppered with curious expanses of green space. The city's supernatural denizens no doubt fancy the city to be their own. Vampires have their Princes, the Changelings anoint their crowns, werewolves name their alphas, and the Mages appoint their Hierarchs; but they all pay property taxes to the City of Philadelphia's Treasury Department.

 The mortals of Philadelphia are incorrectly viewed by some as the battlefield, or sometimes as chess pieces to be maneuvered across the board in cynical games of one-upsmanship with brutal rules and esoteric prizes going to the victor. In truth, they are the beach obstacles and tank trenches of that metaphorical field. They are in the way. They have lives and desires all their own, drives and impulses impossible for even the most dedicated of sociologist to predict. This is a city that once threw batteries at Santa Claus, a city where they grease the light posts when they anticipate a mob forming, a city where visiting sports fans wipe off their face paint and hide their jerseys to avoid getting rolled into a gutter and tossed into a dumpster.

 Philadelphia will strip a car with a Cowboys bumper sticker down to its roll cage in twenty minutes. What do you imagine it would do if they knew the shadows contained creatures bent on controlling the course of history?

 The creatures of the night aren't in charge. They're surrounded.


Rules and System

 A full accounting of the game's houserules can be found here.

Character Creation

  • We use the optional character creation rule which allows Mortals and Mortal+ characters to take 10 merit dots at character creation.



By changing their eyes into a cat's eyes, a Biomimic may eliminate negatives imposed by Environmental Tilts for natural darkness. Darkness imposed by magical shadows or Contracts/Disciplines/Magic whose effects remove sight still affect the Biomimic.


This merit impacts magical fear and revulsion imposed by sources as various as the Nightmare Discipline, Autumn Contracts, and even the Nosferatu Curse with the same caveats as Awakened magic.


When using the attack form of Psychokinesis, the attack functions like a ranged attack. This means that unless the target has some method of dodging firearms or similar attacks, they do not receive their defense against Psychokinetic attacks.


The Sleepwalker merit found in the Mage 2.0 book is being changed as follows. It is now a 2 dot merit. It now allows the Sleepwalker to know if they're being impacted by Nimbus Tilts, the way mages do. Furthermore, they can sense supernal magic in a manner mechanically identical to Peripheral Mage Sight, though they cannot discern which Arcana or practices are being used. Additionally, they don't actually see it, they sense it. If a mage can see magic with peripheral mage sight, a sleepwalker can feel it. This feeling manifests however the player taking the merit wishes, within reason. But that feeling is always the same. Hairs standing up, the ineffable taste of summer on the tongue, a sudden wash of nostalgia without seeming cause. Be imaginative.


When using this power, objects still take structure damage and characters receive one bashing per mile of distance traveled rather than for each yard.

Joining the Sphere

 We try to make life easy. Here are some basic guidelines. The full application guidelines can be found here.

Formatting Your Approval Ticket

  • Use the formatting here -- it is required and we will return your ticket to you if you don't use it. This makes sure we don't forget anything.


  • Chronicles of Darkness 2.0 core rules + 107 xp
  • Civil Society Status can be purchased multiple time for different sections of Civil Society. One may be as high as 3 at character creation, one may be at 2, and your third or more may be no higher than 1.
  • 3 total Aspirations, 2 short & 1 long -- please mark which are which!
  • Mortals receive 10 merits at character creation, rather than seven.
  • Use the character sheet template.


  • Bullet points are fine; please just give staff enough to work with on crafting stories
  • Please explain your Civil Society status as requested in each group's 'Joining' section. (Usually it's 'what I do, what I did to get here, and where I want to be'.)
  • Want ties to NPCs? Talk to staff! This is encouraged.
  • You may be a newcomer or a longtime resident.


  • Please make one, they are mandatory for final approval!
  • If you need help, please ask on Discord! We can set up a very basic wiki for you to fill out if you need help.

Theme and Society

 Mortal concepts-- that is to say, concepts that intentionally avoid any sort of supernatural merits --are strongly encouraged to look into the Civil Society section, and dabble in one or more aspect of Philadelphia's civic life. Player characters are meant to be exceptional, especially the mortals. They are meant to portray those rare individuals whose lives change the course of history. While there is by no means a requirement that mortals move the mountains of society to suit their purposes, we do ask that you familiarize yourself with what's available to you before you complete your application as the majority of staff run plots for Mortals will take place within the realms of Civil Society.

 For Mortal+ concepts, the occult underbelly of Philadelphia opens itself up for examination. Philadelphia is home to numerous supernatural societies within the mortal populations. One of them, The Plain, even originated here in Philadelphia proper. Each Mortal+ template has a local society in place as a framework for interaction. While no characters are required to partake in their society, iconoclasts may find themselves wanting for friends and support. So it's certainly worth considering how your character relates to others that share their condition.

Mortal+ Secret Societies:

Mystery Cults:

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Hobbyist Cliques:

Current Plots