Orana Davis

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Orana Davis
And out of the wreckage the harpy bloomed, terrible and free, screaming, her hair swinging like a sword. The moon withered and fled.❞ ― Peter S. Beagle
deed name
Storm Lords
Cardinal Wind
Embodiment of the Firstborn

■ The Wounding of Bancroft
Orana and her packmates were present for the calamitous outcome of the recent conflict at Bancroft Mills and not all of them lived to tell the tale.
■ Wound Them Back
Though the Iminir have their own Prey, recent events have left Orana with a personal interest in seeing the local Anshega brought to ruin. This makes her particularly amenable to working with Blood Talons and especially hostile to those Forsaken with "questionable" histories.
■ Desh Kar
Heavy is the head that wears the crown and no one knows it better than the Iminir. Orana will readily strategize with other Storm Lords and help make sure your crown isn't slipping.
■ En Pointe
In another life that seems increasingly far away, Orana was a ballet soloist of some renown before she abruptly (and some would say, tragically) left the stage in her mid-20s. She still works in the field as an instructor and dance choreographer if you’ve got the talent and the cash.



Orana is a lycanthropic shapeshifter. Her appearance can change hugely within a matter of moments. If you're lucky, you're dealing with the girl, not the monster.

More description incoming as wiki is fleshed out.


HISTORY BLURB TO GO HERE - Wiki in progress.



The nature of rumours is that they are often untrue, pure speculation, or are greatly exaggerated. Please feel free to add your own rumours under the Player Character category!
◢ COMMON RUMOURS - Easily overheard. Use these freely!
“This section of the wiki is a WIP” - Some Jerk.
◢ UNCOMMON RUMOURS - A little more difficult to hear. Use sparingly or ask first!
“This section of the wiki is a WIP because Orana’s player is tired of editing this page and wants to cry.”- Some Other Jerk.
◢ RARE RUMOURS - Very rarely overheard. Please ask before using!
"I’m pretty sure Orana is actually a person in a wolf costume and not a werewolf at all." - Gossip that was made up for this section as Orana edits it.
"Orana sings really loudly in the shower but pretends not to know what you’re talking about if you mention it." - Jano, probably.
"None of these rumours are true, they’re just wiki filler, and ANYWAY showertime is sacred." - Orana.
◢ PLAYER CHARACTER RUMOURS - Have you met Orana? Feel free to add rumours of your own!
"Feel free to add your own rumours here!" - Orana Davis


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Jano Kills Crow ( ) - Packmate
I'd go back inside. Looks like rain.


Cut Me | Zeal & Ardor

I have a child
Its name is Rage
Used to be Anger
But things have changed

Be All Things | Chelsea Wolfe

I cannot stop
I want to be all things
I’ve got to let go
I want to be all things