Rocco Faustini

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RP Hooks

Here To Help: Rocco works at Temple University. He works in the Disability Resources and Services Center, making sure students with special needs have everything they need to excel socially and academically. He is very committed to making things as accessible to everyone as possible--especially with him being deaf himself.

Workers' Rights: Rocco is connected to various local unions. He's very involved in university unions in particular, but also volunteers his services to other unions in the area as a consultant, helping them make sure special needs workers are getting the rights and help they need.

To Defend: Rocco is a martial arts nut. When he's not working or volunteering, you can probably find him in a gym or training studio. He especially enjoys judo, but is interested in all martial arts.

What the Fae?: Rocco is very, very new to this Fae-Touched thing. He's still learning and has no idea what is going on. Want to help him out?

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Rocco Faustini

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Full Name: Rocco Faustini
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: Resource Coordinator
Age: Mid Thirties
Height: 5'9"
Court: None
Motley: None
Public Effects:

Status (Education) 2
Status (Unions) 1
Peacemaker 2
Sense Vows
Find the Oathbreaker

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Played By: Fofo