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== Packs of Delaware Valley ==
== Packs of Philadelphia ==
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Delaware Valley Protectorate

While there's no doubt that the Delaware Valley Protectorate is formidable when unified, the fact of the matter is that it rarely is unified. The Protectorate, while ancient, has little bearing on the day-to-day life of the People, and all but the most critical and universal of threats are enough to mobilize the Tribes to act in congress.

Membership and participation in the Protectorate upon the infrequent occasion that it convenes or determines to act has always been voluntary, though dissenting or abstaining Forsaken are generally subject to a brow-beating by their Tribal Elder.

Interestingly, quite a few Ghost Wolves are often the most ready and eager champions of the Protectorate's cause, as it provides many of them with a sense of community they lack without a Tribe.

After the Wounding of Bancroft, some even wonder if the Protectorate is still a good notion altogether.


The Protectorate of Delaware Valley takes its origin from an armistice between locally warring Uratha nearly four centuries ago, when the Schuylkill River was a hotbed of conflict amidst the French and Iroquois Wars that spanned the entirety of the 17th century.

That armistice became a ceasefire, which became a peace treaty, and when the warring ended, that treaty became the foundation of a strategic alliance, finally evolving into the first Charter of the People's Delaware Valley Protectorate.

The Wissahickon Heron

The Wissahickon Heron is a Dihar, an anciently powerful spirit that has either stubbornly or devotedly called Wissahickon Creek its home for the better half of the past millennium. While it would not be accurate to characterize the Heron as the Totem of the Protectorate, a tenuous if longstanding accord has remained in place since the original peace treaty.

Whether the Wissahickon Heron is truly a heron spirit of any kind is unknown, as the Heron has only deigned to show itself to the People a single time in oral or written memory. In every other instance that the Heron has chosen to communicate directly with the local Uratha, it has done so through the intermediary of a Royal Avatar, always a heron, and thus the moniker.

The perennial problem child of the River Court, the Heron rarely subjects itself to the whims of other spirits and occasionally outright refuses to go along with otherwise unanimous decisions, but its longstanding reputation as a preserver of balance is not without merit, and it's often left to its devices out in the wilderness -- whatever those devices may be. Some surmise that the Heron may have been to blame for the occasional deaths at the Devil's Pool of Wissahickon, as retribution for the modern defilement of what was once a natural and spiritual shrine.



Tribal Positions

Wolves of the Protectorate

Wolf-Blooded of the Protectorate

Packs of Philadelphia