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Delaware Valley Protectorate

While there's no doubt that the Delaware Valley Protectorate is formidable when unified, the fact of the matter is that it rarely is unified. The Protectorate, while ancient, has little bearing on the day-to-day life of the People, and all but the most critical and universal of threats are enough to mobilize the Tribes to act in congress.

Membership and participation in the Protectorate upon the infrequent occasion that it convenes or determines to act has always been voluntary, though dissenting or abstaining Forsaken are generally subject to a brow-beating by their Tribal Elder.

Interestingly, quite a few Ghost Wolves are often the most ready and eager champions of the Protectorate's cause, as it provides many of them with a sense of community they lack without a Tribe.

After the Wounding of Bancroft, some even wonder if the Protectorate is still a good notion altogether.


The Protectorate of Delaware Valley takes its origin from an armistice between locally warring Uratha nearly four centuries ago, when the Schuylkill River was a hotbed of conflict amidst the French and Iroquois Wars that spanned the entirety of the 17th century.

That armistice became a ceasefire, which became a peace treaty, and when the warring ended, that treaty became the foundation of a strategic alliance, finally evolving into the first Charter of the People's Delaware Valley Protectorate.

Tribal Positions

Packs of the Protectorate