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 Balm immigrated from Hungary half a century ago, when she wasn't quite so old or quite so frail. She was Unnamed in her home, too, and arrived with the singular intention of joining the Children of the Tree to lend her talents within the Astral to helping to unwind the mysteries of the tree itself. Her efforts have born proverbial fruit-- and in one case, it's thought her actions there may have triggered a literal one, too. The relationship between the astral realm and the Martyr's Tree is not well understood, and she is constantly in search of an Apprentice to whom she can impart her learning before much of it dies with her. True, there's the Lorehouse. And much of her study has been chronicled there. But it's nothing compared to entering the Astral directly to pursue the tree's reflection there. A healer and a sage, she exhibits maternal instincts to more or less everyone under her care. Her familiar, a husky by the name of Agoston, is her constant companion in the fallen world.

RP Hooks
  • Grandmother - Balm has a dozen unruly sprogs aged 2 to 14 that call her mom-mom. Needless to say she loves kids.
  • Elder - She is the oldest of the Unnamed presently in Philadelphia and, accordingly, she serves as the Elder of the Scions. Seek out her Wisdom.
  • Immigrant - She is Hungarian by nationality. Perhaps you are from the old country? Or perhaps you're an immigrant, too?
  • Astral - Her body is old and frail, but her mind is as sharp as they come. While she cannot venture out much in the real world, she is quite the adventurer in the mind's eye.
Full Title

Master Factotum Balm, Scion and Shaman on the Path to the Primal Wild, Supernal Realm of Spirit and Life, and abode of Beasts, Edgetender of the First Buds of Spring, Elder of the Children of the Martyr's Tree of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast, Master of Life, Adept of Spirit and Mind, Apprentice of Fate


Elder Balm, Scion Shaman (NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Date of Birth: ???
Apparent Age: 80s
Occupation: Retired
Tenure: 11 years

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Children of the Tree
Legacy: Dreamspeakers
Cadre: First Buds of Spring