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Path-obrimos.png With Free Minds All Are to Worship Their Gods Order-adamantinearrow.png

 The current Constantine, the fifth since the days of Gaveston the Unwise, came to the Consilium from the Cracked Stone in Maine. Xis supernal training was provided largely by an Orphan of Proteus there, which instilled xim with two lessons. The first: Gender is a fuck. The second: You can be whatever you want to be so what the hell. With a body perfected by study, magic, and training; with a physical form as mutable and transitory as one belonging to an Adept of Life, xe just tossed gender over xis shoulder and marched boldly forward into a new identity. Xe served as a banner warden among the arrows before assuming the mantle of Constantine, and remains to this day a formidable opponent, a master tactician in battle, and an absolute powerhouse in terms of raw physicality. And that's before the attainment and spells kick in. In temperament, Constantine is a straight shooter. Direct, clear, concise communication is xis stock and trade. Xe has no patience for temporizing, equivocation, or small talk. Say what you mean and stop wasting everyone's time. It can seem rude at first, until two hours have passed and xe is still paying rigid attention to what you have to say, having covered more ground than a conversation three times its length would typically allow.

RP Hooks
  • Body Builder - It's how xe makes a living, sort of. It also allows xim to seek out recruits for the work of the Arrows.
  • Obrimos Councilor - Xe represents all Obrimos before the Lex Magica on behalf of the council of the consilium. It's xis job to hear you out.
  • Antifascism - While xis main focus is on improving ximself, Constantine has no patience for the rising tide of regressive thought and fascist policy.
  • Teaching - Constantine has little patience for Wise who do not view it as their responsibility to teach others. Xe is an excellent candidate to approach for help.
Full Title

Second Degree Master Factotum Constantine, Arrow and Theurge on the Path to the Aether, Supernal Realm of Prime and Forces, and abode of Angels, Doorwarden of the Council of the Wise, Councilor of the Martyr's Tree of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast, Master of Prime and Forces, Adept of Life and Mind, Disciple of Fate, Apprentice of Space and Time


Councilor Constantine, Arrow Theurge (NPC)
Pronouns: Xe/Xim
Date of Birth: ???
Apparent Age: 40s
Occupation: Body Builder
Tenure: 13 years

Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Perfected Adepts
Cadre: Council of the Wise