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Agent of chaos or information agent extraordinaire? Why not both? This Iowa lad loves to learn and share his knowledge, leading to him having a decently known YouTube channel and a head full of fun facts. Ask him about imitation marble or Greek hydraulics or the number of jello flavors, and he’ll have a conversation for you. He’s got mad bird vibes, and boy is he gangly; he perches a lot.

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RP Hooks

Wild Child

Stagnation is Death and Enlightenment is motion; kick normal in the teeth and ride the lightning, that’s what Cookie lives for. The human personification of “There ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws”, Cookie is the kind of man who’s always down to drink a pot of coffee and get in a knife fight with a god behind a gas station.

Oh Feed Me, Seymour!

Cookie loves him that sweet, sweet knowledge. Teach him something and you’ll be friends. Random fact? How to make cannoli? The secret to good pillows?

Oooh, It Has Pockets

Maybe it’s because he’s an Acanthus, maybe because his Shadow Name is perfect, but Cookie loves weird shit. His specialty is Non-Supernal magic, but any occult unnusualality is sure to attract his attention.

That Man is Playing Galaga!

Adventure is a big draw for our man Cookie Monster. Besides playing video games like they’re serious business, he really does like to get out. Knowledge is great, but experience is a big deal too. You don’t blast your way through learning magic without diving headfirst into expanding your horizons at every opportunity.

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You Can Quote Me On That
  • “Well, technically I wasn’t there, but no shit there we were...”
  • “What is a man? A miserable pile of electrons!”
  • “Slap my ass and call me Monday, I don’t think this guy likes me!”
  • “I already downloaded the files, and yes, I know the room is on fire, now shush. We’re about to see the finale!”

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Mage Things
Official Title: Second Degree Master Magpie, Guardian and Enchanter on the Path to Arcadia, Supernal Realm of Fate and Time, and abode of Fae, Scion of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn, Master of Fate and Forces, Adept of Time and Mind


Long-Term: Winds of Fate, Blow! Luck and Probability get all wonky around this Acanthus. Coins flip heads, dice roll sevens, and his personal effects always win at black jack, ya know? In his day to day, it mostly means his phone screen never cracks when he drops it, but he avoids casinos and Philly’s probably due a hot lotto winner any week now.

Immediate: When Magpie casts magic, raw information seems to swirl through the air, a sudden rush that leaves you grasping when it fades. Truth is found in magic, after all.

Nimbus Tilt: +2 and 8-Again to Academics and Science

Signature: The mark of Magpie’s magic is rambling, scrawling writing that plasters things with tiny tidbits of information in dozens of languages.

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Grind Them S-Links


  • Kay: They’re learning a few things about time from me, awesome person, very sweet. Hope to get to know her better.
  • Fox: A good friend, always up for shenanigans. She pays attention to interesting things too, and has something fun to talk about no matter what.

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Cookie Monster

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Full Name: Cookie Monster
Shadow Name: Magpie
Pronouns: He/Him
Occupation: Youtuber
Public Effects: Shadow Name (Magpie): Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Fame (History and Historical Science YouTube): Dot-filled.png
Status (Free Council): Dot-filled.png
Status (Consilium): Dot-filled.png
Status (Assembly): Dot-filled.png
Age: 26
Height: 6’7”

Virtue/Vice: Curiosity/Heedlessness
Path: Acanthus
Order: Free Council
Legacy: Tamers of Winds
Position: Voter of the Free Council
Cadre: None

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Uploaded Videos
  • Greek Fire and You (This is bad)
  • Did You Hear They Have CURVED SWORDS? (A brief history of sabers)
  • 5 Inventions That Completely Missed the Point
  • I Dunno, Let’s Talk About Stained Glass

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Played By: DarkTower