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⚠ The Accidental Family

Someone lies bleeding

Someone got violent and did not think twice
And I watched you my brother,
making a fool of the moon tonight
- Noah Gundersen, Family

Direct Action is not merely a group of survivors, but a group focused on surviving together and helping others to survive despite the odds. They believe in facing adversity head on. Well, sometimes from the back, or via flanking maneuvers, but still. They believe in taking risks, sometimes calculated, sometimes not, in order to gain freedom over what binds them, and to help others find their own freedom.

The motley has no public holdings and are not currently recruiting. They may or may not have bigger plans, but knowing Sigrun, they probably do.

  • No man left behind. This extends past their Motley: don't leave people behind in the Hedge. They might be carried out hogtied, but they won't be abandoned to be Taken.
  • Never stop learning. Members of Direct Action acknowledge and depend on the complementary traits of their members, but believe in expanding their skillsets through constant training. Or, as Glitch says: level up.
  • Like the Ramkin family of the Discworld: Quis Habemus Servamus.
  • Don't give up, don't give in. They handle what others won't or can't, and that requires dedication and stamina.
  • Make things better. Maybe not in an instance-to-instance basis - sometimes a bridge needs to be burned - but overall, make yourself better, make things better for the motley. Other people, too, when possible
  • Learn to laugh at yourself.


⚠ Members

Teagan.png Teagan
Death From The Darkness
Definitely Not Batman
Summer Darkling
SigrunLjosdottir2.gif Sigrun
Purveyor of Plans
Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Summer Fairest
500px-Vorpal.jpg Vorpal
Knives & Nighttime
Never-Dull Jack
Autumn Elemental
DigitalEye.png Glitch
8-Bit Hero
Digital Boy
Summer Elemental
JuneDesrochers3.jpg June
Tiny & Ferocious
Red Panda
Summer Beast
Sturmmein.jpg Sturm
Winter Chill
Winter Ogre
Hyena.jpg Laura
Claws and Hunger
Spotted Hyena
Autumn Beast

Direct Action.jpg