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 The current Ecgberht, the sixth since the retirement of Gaveston the Unwise, assumed the role some seventy years ago, making way for Zadok to assume the mantle of Deacon of the Silver Ladder caucus to the Martyr's Tree. He is nearing the age of his retirement, intending to join the Magisterium of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast with his longtime friend and rumored partner, Zadok. This would present a monumental shake up within the Silver Ladder when it finally takes place, as they would potentially lose a seat on the Council and their Deacon. Accordingly, the two are being patient in their plans, ensuring both of their Provosts are fit to assume the mantle of leadership once they do step down. For seventy years, Ecgberht has interpreted the wisdom of the Watchtower of Arcadia for the Council of the Wise, bringing his prophesy and insights to matters practical and supernal both. He has a keen eye for people's character, and is a notoriously difficult figure to bluff. His mercurial nature makes him seem far younger than his many, many years with a youthful enjoyment of ribald humor that would be an embarrassment to more regal persons.

RP Hooks
  • Black Thumb - He absolutely loves tending gardens, he's just terrible at it. He maintains everyone should have a hobby they are terrible at once they've mastered Fate.
  • Acanthus Councilor - He represents all Acanthus before the Lex Magica on behalf of the council of the consilium. It's his job to hear you out. (Or make his Provost hear you out, in any case.)
  • Prankster - He loves pulling pranks on other Awakened, particularly other Counselors. Keeping them humble seems to be the goal more than any malicious intent.
  • Fishing - He can often be found fly fishing along many of the areas rivers.
Full Title

Second Degree Master Factotum Ecgberht, Thearch and Enchanter on the Path to Arcadia, Supernal Realm of Fate and Time, and abode of Fae, Farseeker of the Council of the Wise, Councilor of the Martyr's Tree of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast, Master of Fate and Time, Adept of Prime and Life, Disciple of Space


Councilor Ecgberht, Thearch Enchanter (NPC)
Pronouns: He/Him
Date of Birth: ???
Apparent Age: Fossilized
Occupation: Retired
Tenure: 70 years

Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: House of Ariadne
Cadre: Council of the Wise