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There's far more wildlife in the city than most people think, and it's not all rats and pigeons. Though both those species have their roles to play. Even outside of the Philly Zoo, the city hosts a wide variety of animals that have adapted to live alongside people. Raccoons, squirrels, feral cats, falcons, feral dogs, coyotes... the list goes on. And sometimes, those animals have to be trapped, or tagged, or dealt with in other ways to ease the relationship between them and the humans who claim to own the city. When that happens, Kojo's the one to call.

Or, if you happen to be of a more... magical mindset and need something relating to the city's animal population, then you want Colombier. And try not to think about how pigeons would make excellent spies.

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RP Hooks
Not That Kind of Office: Technically, game wardens aren't police officers. But most people see an official car and a uniform and don't make the distinction. Which annoys Kojo a lot, especially when people assume he's going to shoot their dog. He'd never shoot a dog unprovoked. Even with rabid dogs, he'd rather tranquilize them and have them euthanized humanely. And then give you a lecture about this little thing called 'mandatory vaccinations'. Otherwise he's the person to call if you're having trouble with wildlife. And if you know the right people, he's also the one to call with issues about less... mundane animals too.

Bird Friend There's a reason his Shadow Name is Columbier - he has a deep seated love for pigeons. Other birds are pretty cool too. He's trying to raise money and awareness to build dovecotes around the city to better take care of the pigeon population.

Nearly Fell Unlike many Guardians, he's pretty open about his past - including the fact that he nearly joined the Seers. But he holds himself as a cautionary tale, and is always on the lookout for those who might make the same mistakes he did.

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Recognized Title
Adept Colombier, Guardian and Shaman on the Path to the Primal Wild. Member of the Consilium of the Martyr's Tree of the Convocation of the Northeast. Adept of Life, Disciple of Time, Apprentice of Death, Fate, Space, and Spirit, Initiate of Matter and Prime

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Signature Nimbus: The sensations of feathers brushing on skin

Immediate Nimbus: A sudden increase in the fight or flight response (-1 Composure, +1 Stamina)

Long-Term Nimbus: A tendency to attract feathers

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Kojo Fairburn

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Full Name: Kojo Fairburn
Shadow Name: Colombier
Occupation: Game Warden
Birth: 7 February 1999
Nationality: American
Age: 31
Height: 6'2"
Status: Guardians of the Veil 1, Consilium 2
Path: Thrysus
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Legacy: House of Ariadne
Cadre: None

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Played By: Hawkwolf