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The Age Of Man
Second Degree Master Revontulet, Orphan of Proteus, Scion and Shaman on the Path to the Primal Wild, Supernal Realm of Spirit and Life, and abode of Beasts, Emissary to the Spirit Nations from the Children of the Martyr's Tree of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast, Master of Life and Spirit, Adept of Matter and Time, Hearthmaster of жар-птица, also known as the Firebirds.

Little Fox is the embodiment of shenanigans in the purest sense of the word: playing the fox. Except, of course, the Thyrsus doesn't play at being a fox. The Orphan of Proteus has shaped her soul so that she's not entirely human anymore; she's been an Orphan for over a dozen years, and ranged across multiple continents as well as multiple oceans. To hear her tell it, she swam from France to the east coast of the United States, traveling without a passport because she doesn't legally exist since her Awakening. Mostly. Rumor has it that she's got mortal family living in Philadelphia. Her cadre, the Firebirds, have filled that role in her life for so long that she may have forgotten what it's like to have a mother, father, and mundane siblings.

An active and devoted member of the Children of the Tree, Fox is a former Mystagogue who obtained a fairly high rank before realizing that the Children existed. She spent a decade as a member of the Mysterium, and has only been a Child of the Tree for a relatively short time.

Feral hoe.jpg
Of all things, perhaps Fox is best known among Awakened society as a whole for her numerous apprentices. She has trained individuals of every Path and those who grew to join every major Order.

Fox grew up in a family with multiple werewolves and was once a Wolf Blooded. Perhaps that has something to do with the Path she follows now. Perhaps not. Who can say?

Active Nimbus: Nimbus Tilt: +3 and 8-again to Medicine - Little Fox radiates an uplifting Nimbus which edifies and aids the healer's hands. Their immediate nimbus is the smell of fresh-cut grass and petrichor, lending the same feeling that a person gets when they stare into the eyes of a faithful companion canid. Her signature nimbus looks like a smear of crushed leaves and carries that same scent of petrichor.
Long Term Nimbus: Her Long-Term Nimbus causes bodies to behave and machines to act strangely, an acknowledgement of the Orphans' deep and weird connection to the things that man has made. Diseases lift, chronic conditions have lessened symptoms or may clear up mysteriously, and people find themselves flooded with endorphins when they engage in communal activities that build their 'tribe.' They just feel better.

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my queer mage baby

Everyone Else

  • Elizabeth - My Elizabeth.
  • Aaron Cohen - All Grown Up and giving me shit. He's a good rabbi like that.
  • Weaver - There are not enough heart-eyes emojis on the planet.
  • Mearcstapa - Kind and insightful.
  • Jackie - Good Trouble. Usually.
  • Just Some Guy, You Know? - He can be a bird too! Also not big on lots of titles.
  • Renaaaaaaaa - idk I think she's very grumpy about being a vampire. Soooooo grumpy. Someone needs to give her more hugs or something.
  • Diamond - She's terribly clever!
  • Jack! - Lux and Mearc's third. Terribly earnest. Big in unions.

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RP Hooks
  • Merry Agent Of Chaos - Little Fox can be anywhere, as long as something interesting is happening.
  • Former Mystagogue - Maybe you want to know why she left.
  • Shapeshifter - Always trying out new things.
  • High Gnosis - And leaving her mark everywhere, whether she intends to or not.
  • Heart The Size Of The World - Maybe she helped you out once.
  • Queer As The Day Is Long - Fox sort of defies definition, but whatever she is, it isn't cis or straight.
  • Mother To Ten Thousand- okay, not quite that many, but she's had a lot of apprentices.
  • Once-Wolf - Ask her about the werewolves in St. Petersburg, Russia that she used to hang with.

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Got something to say about Fox? Put it here. :D
  • "It's really no wonder that Lux enjoys his company. Little Fox appears like this shallow ball of joy, but there's a lot more depth below the surface. I can't wait to learn more from them." - Mearcstapa
  • "Supposedly, Fox balances me out. When they're around, I'm less of a shit-stirrer, and I have fewer edges and bristles. I don't know if that's true, but I do like them quite a bit. " - Leta Abbott

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Little Fox

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Known As: Little Fox, Fox, Naika
Shadow Name: Revontulet
Birth: ???
Nationality: Child of the Tree
Apparent Age: 30s
Height: 5'0"
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Children of the Tree (formerly Mysterium)
Legacy: Orphans of Proteus
Public Effects: Keen Periphery
Order Role: Emissary
Cadre: The Firebirds (жар-птица)

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Little Fox's Playlist

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Played By: Spider