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Silver Ladder Chapterhouse


One would normally associate a Stock Market analyst so such an elite area of the city, a skilled one with a taste for golf at least. However Bodhisattva arranging a meeting with Sirius in such a setting in a bit of an odd statement given the usual ascetic lifestyle she ascribe to.

She clashes with the setting, wearing a pale gray wool vest and a pair of slacks in matching color, a shirt and shoes of a soft peach and cream color as she clutches a mug of tea for warmth between her hand.

The room she's found in is a small side room for discussing business among more well-off members of the club and a man in a black suit stand guard at the open door, watching down and up the hallway curiously for Jeremiah's arrival.

Jeremiah arrived a few minutes early for the meeting, not wanting to leave the Acanthus waiting as that would be very rude indeed. The Mastigos was dressed neatly in black slacks, a dark grey button up dress shirt and black vest, the bronze serpent pendant that served as his path tool visibly part of his ensemble for a change. Upon reaching the hallway where the meeting room was set he gave the guard a nod and a polite smile. "Afternoon."

The man returns the greeting with a polite, but warm smile. "To you as well, Mister Hamilton." Once that's done, he ushers Jeremiah inside of the room and closes the door, leaving the two Magi to talk alone. Probably remaining to guard the door.

Bodhisattva sets her mug down onto the coffee table, adjusting the wool vest over her shoulder a little tighter, as she greets Jeremiah with her free hand extend out to him. In doing so, it reveals a little lapel pin of a winged horse. "A pleasure to meet with you today, Sirius." with just that greeting, a different kind of tone is set. It's Magically official.

Jeremiah slipped into the room when allowed in, giving Bodhisattva a respectful nod as he entered and took her extended hand. The use of his Shadow Name did not go unmissed, his usual casual air about him colored with the proper formality such a situation required. "Thank you for the invitation, Bodhisattva. How can I be of assistance?"

"The question is precisely the inverse of that." The woman says, joining her hand and looking upon him with a soft, yet focused gaze. "I was told by Zadok that you would be interested in joining the ranks of the Cryptovoskos and now would be a great Time to give this whole situation the attention it requires."

After a short pause, for another drink from her mug, Bodhisattva continues. "What sort of approach do you want to take with this position? What kind of ideas, plans and structure are already in place?"

Jeremiah perked up ever-so-slightly, having almost forgotten the bug that he had put in his fellow Illumined's ear all those months back. "I am still interested in such, yes. At the moment I do some volunteer work with the Attic Youth Center and the thought has come up of arranging something there, helping those that come there to be welcomed as they truly are to open their eyes to the world's wider truths. If there are other groups that the order has been eyeing I would be more than willing to assist there as well, of course."

A rare sight, but a look of surprise hits Bodhisattva's expression, fostering a genuine smile beyond it, excitement creeps into her response, even for a brief moment as the surprised Acanthus brings up her own thought "Not at all what I was expecting from your endeavors Sirius!"

Another drink of her tea and just the way she moves the mug and sets it down now contains just a little more energy. "I think there is a strong need to approach the people you chose to work with for this..." a beat "If cost was not an issue, how would you organize the Cryptopoly there ?"

Jeremiah smiled at that moment of surprise, just as surprised to see it as she was to give it. "I was in a similar place as some of the kids there when I came out to my parents, and being able to help them as others helped me is a way to pay it forward."

"Fair question, admittedly. Is there anything in particular that we have a need for among the order?"

"People who question, who demands better of those from a better station, who are willing to work to make those people accountable, whatever that work is. Not that we lack these people, but that is definitely something we cannot have too many of." The answer is immediate, no hesitation.

"That I can certainly work towards. Both the staff at the center and the kids themselves are passionate about making sure they're heard by those in power and have the room to stand on their own two feet, and I'm more than willing to point them in the right direction to make that happen."

"You could set up a course or a group that focuses on a specific kind of activism? Use that as your base for your own cryptopoly?" Bodhisattva suggests, leaning back into her seat. "It's simple enough to fund, but you could also push further and create a group of activist completely to the side where you'd bring the youth that passes a certain threshold into."

A shake of her head. "Don't limit yourself to my own ideas, I just got drawn in by the surprise."

"Of course, although that would be a good place to start from." Jeremiah sat back in his own seat, the gears almost visibly turning as he mulled. "There are certainly enough causes in the city to rally behind, would just be the thing of deciding where to start and pointing people in the right direction."

Bodhisattva holds up a finger and with just a little flash of magic, without any more than a simple manual Yantra. She looks around for a brief moment, likely analyzing the information she's just received. "A Fair warning, you might encounter some... adversary through this particular work. Though violence is unlikely, this will drawn the attention of unsavory individual of a flavor I cannot determine."

She slides her hand into a pocket and draw out a check book and produce a pen from another one and signs it. "This is my role as Cryptovoskos, to fund the efforts of the order in those... Establish this new one and I won't be the only one with that title."

Jeremiah remained quiet as the flutter of magic wafted through the air, nodding at her warning. "Understood. I'll keep an eye out for such things."

Another note of surprise crossed his features as she signed a check for him right on the spot, giving a respectful nod and taking said check when it was offered to put safely into his wallet. "I look forward to joining you in the position soon, ma'am."

"Keep yourself safe, thank you for coming in with a surprise today. I was really expecting you'd go with your knowledge of the music industry to form your own..." Bodhisattva says with a bright smile, standing up from her seat, being done with her tea. "I need more tea, if you have anything else to discuss with me, I'm walking to the catering services..."

"Quite welcome, and thank you for having me." He nodded with a smile, moving to get up from his own seat. "Nothing pressing, but if you'll allow me your company for a bit longer I'll come with to get some coffee before I head out."

"Splendid..." Bodhisattva goes a little quiet, but there is a bit of a spring in her step as they wander the halls of the chapterhouse in search of the mythical catering services. Fortunately, there are some signs on the walls to help them find it.