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Amadeus Lounge


Katia Borysov: It feels weird to have pulled the midday shift, rather than the evening/night one, but that doesn't mean Katia's not glad to be off work. Then again, it's not like she's really got anywhere to be these days, outside of work and her storytelling times at the culture center. So she's just sort of hanging out, nursing a rum and coke at the bar and half-halfheartedly messing around on her laptop.

It's better than just being home. Alone.

Salome Perez: The Uratha sometime known as Cagebreaker comes into the lounge wearing a pair of jeans, heavy boots and a leather jacket with a red scraf wrapped around her neck. Her hair is wild and maybe she put on make up this morning, or yesterday and promptly forgot to clean it off her face when she last napped. A single blood hound dog waddles in with her, sniffing around randomly.

"Hey." she greets Katia, wiggling her fingers before taking a seat not too far away. Letting a grunt of satisfaction escape her lips. Clearly she's been on a long trek today.

Blake Wallace: Blake enters the lounge, with an air of casual idleness. Noticing the dog, their eyes are then drawn to its anchor, their packmate. Their hand is then raised in greeting, before Blake meanders to an empty seat at the bar, ordering a tumbler of some pricey liquor.

Katia Borysov: "Hey," Katia replies, looking up from her laptop. She gives a small smile to Cagebreaker, and then a wider smile to the dog. "And hey to you too," she says, leaning down a bit to let the pup sniff her fingers. It's only polite after all. She's about to say something else when Blake walks in. Instead, Katia settles for sitting more up on her stool and offering another wave. It's hard to miss the pack bond between the other two, and it keeps her from really saying anything.

Salome Perez: The dog stop to sniff the offered hand, offering a soft, almost enunciated 'woof' in response. Salome smiles at the interaction. "He's not sure what your hand smell like, what are you having to drink or eat?" Adressing Katia.

Then she looks to Blake when they make their way in. "Hey there, following me around again?" she teases lightly.

Blake Wallace: Blake offers a friendly nod at Katia in response to the wave. Once seated, they shrug at Salome's teasing accusation. "Mayhaps, but who knows? It certainly wasn't intended."

Katia Borysov: Katia manages a smile. "Rum and coke right now, but I was serving earlier so I've been carrying around pretty much everything the kitchen has to offer." She turns on her stool slightly to better face the other two.

Salome Perez: "Oh good, that explains the curiosity then." A point of her finger to the dog and it's current interest in Katia. Then she looks to Blake again. "Been trying to find a few local animals to see if I could learn a few things from them about the area."

Blake Wallace: Blake takes sip of their drink, smiling at the antics of the bloodhound. At Salome's explanation, a look of chagrin, "Any luck so far?"

Jacob Caulfield: While he had heard of the lounge through the grapevine Jacob hadn't made his way there yet and decided that tonight was as good a time as any to fix that. The Ithaeur quietly made his way in dressed in jeans, a grey t-shirt and a well-worn leather jacket, taking in the layout and those present before giving a nod. A keen lupine nose might pick up the faint hint of smoke about him, buried though it was under the shower he took at the end of his shift.

Katia Borysov: "if he's hungry I could pop in the back and see if there's anything spare." One of the nice things about a place that catered to Uratha was that the likelihood of the kitchen having raw meat scraps was very high. "I assume you're looking for local animals aside from like, stray dogs, feral cats and pigeons?"

Jacob gets a glance and a nod as he enters. It is getting towards time for the place to start filling up. Which'll be nice.

Salome Perez: "I'm not being difficult about what kind of animals, I'd be happy with a bunch of racoons and non-problematic rats." Salome answers with a little nods "I'm sure he'd like the effort." reaching to poke at the floppy bloodhound with her foot. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Hi!" she waves brightly at Jacob, when he comes in.

"I did find a few raccoons? They're difficult to deal with sometimes." wrinkling her nose as if to indicate a bad smell from said raccoon.

Blake Wallace: Blake shoots a glance at the source of the whiff of smoke, curious as to its sudden appearance. Seeing that it's probably not someone Urged by a spirit, they turn back to the conversation at hand. "Still don't know how to get animals to talk back to help with that, unfortunately."

Jacob Caulfield: "Hey." Jacob returned the wave with a brief salute of his own, approaching those gathered but not fully bursting the bubble in case someone took offense. "Heard about this place a bit ago, figured I'd finally swing by. Jacob, good to meet y'all."

Katia Borysov: Katia shuts her laptop and hops off her stool. "Sure, just a moment" She pops back into the kitchen and comes back a moment later with a bowl of beef and chicken scraps which she then sets on the floor for the bloodhound. "Does he have a name?" A beat, and then she straightens back up. "I'm Katia by the way."

Salome Perez: "Sasquatch, my other bloodhound is Yeti and my Pibbles is Bib." A shrug. "I didn't name any of them." She chuckle slightly. "I'm Salome and this is Blake, they're the mean one usually." teasing at poke her tongue out at them

"Pleased to meet you Jacob."

Blake Wallace: A wave at Jacob from Blake at being introduced. A smile and a nod at being introduced as the mean one. A question directed at Jacob, "How's it going?"

Jacob Caulfield: "Decent. Just got off shift at the firehouse." So that would explain the smoke... "Night going well on your end, yeah?"

Katia Borysov: Katia hops back on her stool and gives a non-committal shrug. "Just got off work m'self so... good I guess." She finishes off the last of her rum and coke and gives the glass a long look, obviously weighing whether or not to get another. She sighs and sets it back down and opens her laptop again. "Can't we all be the mean one sometimes?" she asks, not really looking at anyone.

Salome Perez: Salome curls in on herself, bringing her knees against her chest and resting her chin ontop of them and looks at the gathered people with a touch of nostalgic eyes. "Being mean Happens sometimes, yeah." In reply to Katia.

"If you work at a firehouse, do you know how to control fire or water?" She asks about Jacob, curious. "Or would that be too obvious?"

Blake Wallace: Blake nods, curiosity about the smoke sated. A reply, "It's been quiet so far." A beat after the piping up about meanness. "Sometimes it happens to some people more often." Curiosity reignited at talk about Influences, Blake looks at Jacob expectantly.

Jacob Caulfield: "Both, actually." Jacob replied to Salome with a small smirk. "Better with the water, though, least at the moment."

Katia Borysov: Katia doesn't quite manage to suppress a shudder at Blake's comment. "That's rarely a good thing" she says before pointedly turning her attention to Jacob. "That seems like a useful skill. Skills, whatever. Probably can't use that too openly though, no?"

Salome Perez: "It's a gift with a lot of use and can give you some more options. I can do some earth work too." Salome smiles and looks around. "And yeah you can't go around swinging those skills in the middle of the day at a shopping mall, but you can work around them in a plan."

Blake Wallace: Blake nods at the secrecy and caution required amongst the Herd, then a look of resignation appears. "Can't say that Gift clicks with me, to be honest."

Jacob Caulfield: "Not too openly, no. Right place at the right time in a house when things are coming down it can do pretty good, though." Jacob nodded, looking towards Blake at his comment. "Any reason in particular?"

Katia Borysov: "Plans help" Katia agrees with a nod. She consider's Jacob's words and then nods again. "That seems like it'd work too." She gives a little half smile. "Most of what I can do isn't stuff useful in work-type things."

Blake Wallace: Blake nods at the anecdote from Jacob. They then reply, "Never had a head for the abstract or esoteric, even before." With a predatory smile, they then offer, "Most of the things I can do are either are more physical, or helps with people."

Jacob Caulfield: "Fair enough. Esoteric's kind of my thing, but then again that kind of comes with getting tapped on the shoulder under the Crescent." He nodded with a small smirk. "Got a fair mix as far as gifts go, though."

Katia Borysov: “Helps with dealing with them or helps with hunting them?” It’s asked with the sort of honest curiosity of someone who’d be interested in either answer

Salome Perez: "I'm a crescent too." An almost giddy smiles when Jacob discloses his moon sign. "And I never had a head for it either, but I didn't have much of a choice." a shrug. "The other side can meddle in weird ways."

Blake Wallace: Blake nods appreciatively at Jacob's answer, then answering Katia in turn, "Actually dealing with them. Although, if the Hunt requires distracting one of the Herd, I can do that in a pinch." At Salome's offering of her Auspice, Blake offers theirs, "Warrior." Left unspoken but intended was Full Moon, Rahu.

Jacob Caulfield: "Yeah, feel ya." Jacob nodded to Salome. "Didn't really know about it until after, but while the learning curve's steep in places it's been an interesting run so far."

Katia Borysov: “I’ve dealt a bit with spirit stuff, but I’m a storyteller mostly, so...” she shrugs. “Sometimes dealing with people can be the best way to hunt them. We took out this drug dealer and his whole little industry mostly with just social engineering.”

Salome Perez: "Being good at putting things together helps with figuring out the engineering parts. Social or otherwise." A stretches of her arm and she's petting Sasquatch on the head.

Blake Wallace: Blake shoots a look at Katia, impressed at the display of Cunning. Then a look of recognition and realization, transmuted from concern at the present absence of her pack. Then, a nod of agreement, directed at Salome.

Jacob Caulfield: "Good job there." Jacob gave Katia a respectful nod, finally taking a moment to ask whoever's behind the bar for a glass of water before looking back to the others.

Salome Perez: Salome moves from her seat and goes to sit on the floor next to her dog and spend a moment adjusting the collar around his neck. "Have you two gotten involved in anything special lately?"

Blake Wallace: Blake shakes their head. "Not much, beyond preparing."

Jacob Caulfield: "Not really. Only been here a month or so, mostly just been getting settled in."

Salome Perez: "Yeah, I was in a forest in Georgia for a few years." A shake of her head "Adjusting to the city is something rough." a soft nod.

Blake Wallace: Blake looks over to Salome, with an attempt to reassure, "We're here for you, if you need it."

Jacob Caulfield: Jacob nodded in agreement. "Happy to help where you need it. Imagine that's gotta be a bit of a shift."

Salome Perez: "I've been adapting so far, the harder part is Urban tracking, I'll need to become more streetwise. Raccoons don't tell you where the bad people are. Just people with food."

Blake Wallace: Blake shrugs. They're not exactly socialized around the poorer parts of town before their Change, and they've relied on browbeating anyone who'd take advantage of their wealth after.

Jacob Caulfield: "...yeah, that tracks." Jacob said with a small chuckle. "Learning the landmarks is a big part of it. Been going out on wanders to get a feel for the city on that front myself."

Salome Perez: "A couple place I want to visit eventually" She chuckle lightly "Especially near the water, wonder if there's anything fun in there."