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These are the approval procedures for the Mage sphere on From Dusk Till Jawn.

Background Review

  1. Forbidden Concepts: Antagonist concepts such as Seers of the Throne, Banishers, Scelesti, or the Mad. (If your character hits Wisdom 0, they will leave your control and become an NPC. Likewise if you wish to make your PC an Archmage.) This includes Left Hand Legacies.
  2. Encouraged Concepts: Mages who wish to work cooperatively within a Consilium or Assembly framework. I won't stop you from being a loner, but the game's themes and plots will be very difficult to engage with from that perspective of play. You will have all the responsibilities of membership and few of the benefits, at least as far as the Consilium is concerned.
  3. It is permissible for a background to be as short as a handful of bullet points as long as the following items are covered:
    1. Where the character was born and grew up
    2. Awakening Details:
      1. How old was your character when they Awakened?
      2. What did your character enjoy most out of the experience? Think big.
      3. What did your character enjoy least out of the experience? Think big.
      4. What lesson did your character take away from the experience? Think big.
      5. How does that experience guide your character now, beyond the obvious? Think big.
    3. How did the character join their Order? Is it the first Order they joined?
    4. Are any Imbued Items or Grimoires explained?
      1. Justification is not required per se, but we need to know where the items come from.
      2. Did the character inherit the item, create it, etc.?
    5. What do you do for your Order, or why don't you currently belong to one?
    6. Want ties to NPCs? Talk to staff! This is encouraged.
    7. If you want to have Order, Assembly, or Consilium status higher than 1, please explain what services you performed to merit this increase.
    8. You may not enter play with a position within the Consilium. Those will all be earned ICly.
    9. You may be a newcomer or a longtime resident - please read up on the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast to read about the Martyr's Tree's sister consilii.
    10. You may only start with a Status 1 or Status 2 position in your order. All other positions must be worked for ICly.
    11. If you have Inferior Arcana higher than 2 or Common Arcana at 5 at character creation, please state which sphere NPC or approved PC taught you.

Sheet Review

  1. Order, Assembly, and Consilium Status are capped at 2.
  2. Purchase of Inferior Arcana higher than 2 or Common Arcana at 5 at character creation if the character will have been taught these Arcana by a sphere NPC or approved player's character.
  3. Check the math on the sheet.
    1. Don't forget that mastering common arcana and becoming a disciple or better in an inferior arcana costs extra XP!
    2. 2.0 has flat costs.
  4. Check Willpower, Defense, Wisdom, Speed, and other derived traits. Now check them again. Did you check them again? Are you sure you did? Better check again.
  5. Review any Imbued Items and Grimoires
    1. Equipment must follow our posted guidelines and the rules in the 2.0 rulebooks.
    2. All Custom Imbued Items (unless direct Conflict of Interest) must be approved by DadHoc
  6. Review mundane equipment
    1. All custom mundane items (unless direct CoI) must be reviewed by DadHoc. Use the custom item guide for prelim review.

Finishing Steps

  1. A basic wiki is mandatory for approval.
  2. Must have:
    1. Your shadow name in your infobox.
    2. A description for your Long Term, Signature, and Immediate Nimbus. (Also your Nimbus Tilt)
    3. Your full title as Recognized by the Consilium. (Examples can be found on the NPC pages.)
    4. Name (whatever name or names other characters will call them)
    5. Order (and dots of Status)
    6. Consilium or Assembly Membership (and dots of Status)
    7. Categories set for Order, Path, and Legacy, so the page populates in all the right places
    8. Please make sure they haven't copied the template from the NPC page -- that's only used for NPCs.
    9. Any easily-seen/understood/noticeable merits/effects (Rigid Mask, Gentrified Bearing, etc. -- if you can see its effects when you look at a character or if they affect most/all interactions, it should be on the wiki. We don't need someone's Resources 5 on there, but we DO need stuff that other characters will easily notice.)
    10. 3 RP Hooks. They don't have to be much, but they should be SOMETHING for other players to say 'ahha, we can RP together because you sometimes hang out at Bob's Bar/you're from New York and I was once there'
    11. Order position.
    12. If someone is playing an Apostate or Unnamed, please make sure they are aware that they will have an uphill climb and a lack of IC resources to depend upon.
  3. If your PC has a Safe Place or Sanctum, complete the Safe Place sheet located here.
  4. Once the sheet is ready, make a copy of the sheet to the FDTJ Google account
  5. Make sure you've reviewed the Beat Tracker help file with the player
  6. Set the 'approved' role on the Discord