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"I have too late recognized the sin which my soul is heir to.
I shall make of myself a penance."
-Hierarch Gaveston, Thearch and Theurge
Supernal Meaning

The Council of the Wise emulate the rule of Atlantis during the golden age; enlightened thinkers representing each path of Supernal truth, guided by the light of the watchtowers in the act of penance for the great hubris which gave it life.

Penance - The Hierarch Walsingham - The Moros Councilor

Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Obrimos
Role: Atonement


Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Moros
Role: Doorwarden

Ecgberht - The Acanthus Councilor Constantine - The Obrimos Councilor

Order: Silver Ladder
Path: Acanthus
Role: Farseeker


Order: Adamantine Arrow
Path: Obrimos
Role: Edgetender

Yaroslav - The Mastigos Councilor Baldur - The Thyrsus Councilor

Order: Mysterium
Path: Mastigos
Role: Lorekeeper


Order: Children of the Tree
Path: Thyrsus
Role: Hearthmaster

None - None

Order: None
Path: None
Role: None

Is The Council of the Wise Recruiting?: No. This is an NPC cadre.

What does The Council of the Wise do?: They are a cadre formed of the council of the Martyr's Tree consilium in addition to its Hierarch. Their primary function is the orderly governance of the consilium, the maintenance of the Lex Magica, and the furtherance of the mystical resonances their centuries old shadownames have fostered within the Martyr's Tree. Since the 1690s, all but the Hierach's shadow name has been passed from magus to magus in an unending chain of supernal influence. The power this stewardship and contrition has brought to their hallows and workings is potent, indeed.

What are The Council of the Wise looking for?: They choose their numbers by Path, with some consideration towards Order balance on the council. Candidates must be experienced in the Lex Magica, and preferably factotums in their own right. They must have forty years among the awakened, be able to demonstrate mastery practices in at least one of their ruling arcana, and have earned a reputation for selfless devotion to the consilium, favoring the guidance of their supernal paths rather than the dictates of their orders.

What does The Council of the Wise have to offer?: The burden of leadership. The weight of supernal responsibility. Comprehensive medical and dental.

What can The Council of the Wise do for non-members? To outsiders, they offer a great deal of safety under their Hospitality Right. They have possession of a timeless library of grimoires handed down from the first council to its present members, presently held by the curator of the Atheneum under safekeeping. Their advice and counsel is priceless, and generally freely on offer to those who merit their attention.

What territory does The Council of the Wise publicly claim? Their original cadre house has long since been paved over by I-76. Now, they operate out of a manor house in Chadds Ford, claiming the whole of the Township as their responsibility.


Great Rights

The Council of the Wise openly honors all five of the Great Rights.

Right of Crossing:

Let all Awakened who come with honest good intentions enjoy safe passage through the township of Chadds Ford. We make no limitation on movement or activity within our claimed territory save as follows: Do not approach our sanctum house without announcing your intention to do so, do not inflict your Will upon the citizens of the township of Chadds Ford save in defense of the citizens of Chadds Ford, report any Paradoxes occurring in the township of Chadds Ford to us immediately. Failure to do so may invite Nemesis.

Right of Emeritus:

We respect the wisdom in all Awakened. We defer to the just rulings of the Lictors and the dictates of the Magisterium of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast. As we are the jury of most matters, and ourselves leaders of the Consilium, we recognize no higher authority within this consilium than ourselves.

Right of Hospitality:

Awakened who come with honest good intentions may invoke the right of Hospitality. For a period of one week the individual may enjoy our protection, have use of our Hallow, rest and eat with us, join us for lessons, and learn what may be learned in such time. If this visit is simply social, the guest will be invited to depart from out sanctum thereafter and will not be welcome to return in such a capacity for a period of one year. If this visit is a necessity born of deprivation or risk, the week may be extended by the final judgment of our Edgetender.

Right of Nemesis:

We acknowledge that a harsh interpretation of Nemesis from a cadre of councilors would send a totalitarian message that would be of no benefit to ourselves our to those we represent. Accordingly, read of our lenity and do not be the individual that requires harsher measures. When we have been wronged, we will give the one who has wronged us an opportunity to explain their actions. If that explanation is insufficient, we will ask for recompense to be made in the form of indemnifying us for our losses, or through service to the Consilium for a period no less than one month. Refusal to make such remuneration will result in a challenge to the Duel Arcane. Refusal to meet us in the squared circle will result in your banishment from the territory of the Consilium of the Martyr's Tree. Violation of such banishment will be taken as an invitation for your death at the hands of the Interfector.

Right of Sanctuary:

Our Sanctum is our own. It contains the carefully nurtured resonance of two centuries of awakened practice. No one is permitted entry without our permission, and will be subject to the most careful of screenings even should such permission be granted. We reserve the right to alter your resonance through use of Prime practices should you seek such entrance, and refusal to submit to such scanning and alteration will result in your denial of entry. Forcing the matter will forfeit your life to the Interfector should we find you where you do not belong.


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