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The Tamers of Fire

"It doesn't matter if you run, all that matters is where you run to."

The Call to Adventure

Humanity has always had heroes. From Gilgamesh in Uruk, to Malala Yousafzai in Pakistan, there have always been those who will stand out and inspire those around them. The Tamers of Fire know that all humans have that fire within them, it just needs to be brought out. Unfortunately in this age of Quiessence, the fires burn smaller and shorter. But, as some older Tamers are keen to point out, a single spark is enough to burn the world.


Parent Path: Obrimos

Prerequisites: Forces 2, 3 dots in Athletics, and 2 between Expression, Persuasion and Socialize

Initiation: The prospective Champion must undergo a quest designed by his mentor to prove himself. This will not be easy, and it may seem initially impossible to do so.


Ruling: Forces

Yantras: Succeeding on an athletics roll relevant to the spell (+2), spending significant time physically preparing for the spell, “getting your blood pumping” (+2), verbally encourage a compatriot to grater feats of prowess (+1), drive oneself into a state of frenzied excitement (+1, +2 if this imposes a negative Condition).

Oblations: Starting a campfire in the middle of nowhere with but two sticks, fire-walking, spending an entire night engaging in physical training, organizing a team sport, running a marathon, repeatedly burning your skin with a small flame.


First Attainment: Touch the Fire

Pre-Requisite: Initiation

Like attracts like, and a Tamer of Fire who learns his legacy’s first attainment understands how to his use passionate, fiery nature to communicate with and command flames. With an instant action, the Champion can make an Aimed Spell check (see pg. 115 for dice pool & range bands) to command flames to do his bidding. This power lasts for a number of Rounds equal to the Champion’s dots in Forces, and during this time the Champion can guide the path of existing flame, causing it to arc or stretch, burn along (or avoid) a certain path, or take certain shapes similar to the Forces 1 effect Influence Fire.

Optional Arcanum: Mind 1

The flame within a man illuminates the best and worst of a man, should one know how to look. With but a touch, a Champion can feel that power glowing within a mind, and as an Instant Action can determine an individual’s Virtue, Vice, Aspirations and Obsessions similar to the Mind 1 effect Know Nature.

Second Attainment: Tame the Fire

Pre-Requisite: Forces 2

The fire is his, and like an obedient Dog before its master, the Champion can command it to heel. Given a scene’s worth of vigorous exercise to stoke his internal fire, the Champion can rally it against the fire without. For a duration equal to his dots in Forces on the advanced duration table, the Champion cannot be harmed by any terrestrial fire. Any Supernatural fire, such as that generated wholly by the Forces Arcanum, or an attack from a Spirit must engage can only harm the Champion if its source beats him in a Clash of Wills. This functions similar to the Forces 2 effect Environmental Shield, but only against fire.

Optional Arcanum: Mind 2

With a touch, the Champion can do more than feel the heat of a mind, but stoke it into passion, encouraging them through emotion to agree with him, either through joy, fear, hatred, love, or any other emotion that will do the job. But ultimately emotion is what it is. This Attainment takes an Instant Action to use, and the Champion must physically touch the subject, similar to the Mind 2 effect Emotional Urging if the Champion’s dots in Mind exceed the subject’s Composure, the Champion may temporarily open or close a door. This Attainment works best when trying to encourage people to act on the spur of the moment, and few Champions use it for anything else.

Third Attainment: Catch the Fire

Pre-Requisite: Forces 3

More than merely commanding Fire, the Champion can now rule and control it as he would a part of his body. As an Instant Action, the Champion may take control of a Fire within sensory Range, in doing so he may control it as per Touch the Fire, however he may also increase or decrease its size or heat by one level per round. If the Champion relinquishes control of the Fire however, unless it has been full extinguished it will eventually either grow or shrink back until it reaches its normal size and heat based on its available fuel. This operates similar to the Forces 3 effect Control Fire.

Optional Arcanum: Mind 3

Within the Fire is not only passion, but knowledge, capacity to be more than you currently are. The Champion can kindle this passion in himself, or others through careful and deliberate acts. As an Instant Action, and with a Presence + Expression roll, the Champion may inflict upon himself or others a positive Condition encouraging them into positive action. If an individual wishes to contest this boon, then the Champion’s condition will only be applied if their Resolve exceeds his Mind dots. Champions frequently use this boon on themselves, either to encourage themselves to new heights of fervor, or to challenge themselves with other trials to overcome and improve through. This Attainment and its Condition lasts until resolved, the Champion decides to end it, or until a day has passed, rising to a week at Forces 4. Resolving this condition does not grant a beat.

Fourth Attainment: Manifest Fire

Pre-Requisite: Forces 4

Having learned how to bend existing fire to his will, the Champion is now capable of generating great gouts of fire to blast her enemies, burn down their works, or just to keep her companions warm at night. With an Instant Action, and a Aimed Spell attack roll, the Mage may burn a target with her fire dealing Lethal damage equal to her dots in Forces. While this is not enough to set an individual on fire all on its own, if used on certain highly flammable substances (including if an individual was doused in such substances) they will ignite.

Optional Arcanum: Mind 4

His burning will reaching fever pitch now, the Champion is capable of lifting up a more timid will and encouraging them to behave heroically in a supreme act of heroism. With an Instant Action, the Champion may inflict the Inspired condition on a number of targets equal to their highest power stat. The subjects Resolve must be less than the mage’s Forces dots in order for this Attainment to function, and the condition only lasts for 3 rounds.

Fifth Attainment: Fire Manifest

Pre-Requisite: Forces 5

The Champion is now a living and breathing furnace, the fire within him bursting to be released. All he has to do is permit it. With an Instant action the Champion can surround himself with an aura of searing hot fire. Immune to this fire himself, any individual or subject who touches the burning mage suffers damage as if he has touched a Bonfire with the intensity sufficient to cause third degree burns (4 lethal damage per turn). Having entered this state, it will persist until the Champion chooses to restrain his flame, or 30 seconds have passed, at which point he may activate this Attainment again.

Optional Arcanum: Mind 5

The Fire in the Champion’s mind is brilliant now, shining out from his brow and igniting his mind with sheer power. By spending a scene performing a Legacy Ritual, the Champion can enhance their Mind well beyond the ken of mortal men. Many use this to become a legendary leader, propelling those who will follow him to greater heights, or to plump the depths of the Astral for secrets long lost to man. By spending a scene and a point of Mana, the Champion may increase a Mental or Social attribute by one dot per dot he has in the Mind Arcanum. This enhancement will last for a Week, or until the Mage ceases it, and can enhance his attributes beyond his Gnosis-determined maximum. Visible from Mage Sight this appears as a pure mote of flame suspended in the air before the Champion’s head.