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The Silver Ladder, The Legacy of Atlantis, The Philosopher Kings

 The Awakened are One Nation. Gaveston's Great Hubris was in forgetting this elemental precept. He was much fonder of Imperium is the right of Humanity. The Silver Ladder came to the Delaware Valley with Imperium in mind. Why not? After all, since the 2nd Century BCE the Imperium of Humanity as reckoned by the Awakened of Europe had been painted with the broad brush of empire and war. Greece, Macedonia, Rome, Persia, all flowering blooms of human potential. Why would it be less for England? For France? For the Netherlands? For Spain?

 To the eternal shame of the Silver Ladder caucus of Philadelphia, Gaveston learned a humbling lesson when the Martyr's Tree took root. And since that day, the Silver Ladder have redefined what it is to exist in a supernal meritocracy. It is not enough to demonstrate mastery, to wield power. You must wield Wisdom, too. If you would lead, you must compel others to follow. Not out of blind obedience or tradition, but out of the compelling nature of the cause. You must be at the vanguard when you call for war. You must be on the walls when you call for defense. When you call for study, your nose must be in the books. When you call for mercy, you do it with dropped spells and empty palms.

 Actions guide words these days. The Silver Ladder is the path to victory, true. But what use is a path to victory if no one will follow you?

Suggested Concepts: Acanthus Stock Analyst, Mastigos Exorcist, Moros Philanthropist, Obrimos Political Operative, Thyrsus Urban Planner

Silver Ladder History

 The history of the Silver Ladder caucus of the Martyr's Tree one of monumental hubris and ongoing contrition. Its original Deacon, its first Magister in the new world, *and* the first Hierarch of what would become the Martyr's Tree consilium, Master Gaveston, was the central figure in the events that led to the creation of the Martyr's Tree itself. It was Gaveston, with the backing of the Adamantine Arrows and the Guardians of the Veil, that launched the Unnamed War against what were then viewed as the heresies of the Unnamed of the Americas. Times were different in the 1690s, and despite his obvious errors in waging the war and attempting to imprison the Archmaster that birthed the Martyr's Tree, Gaveston was permitted to retain his position as Hierarch, one which he held for just over 80 years until his retirement and death shortly before the Revolutionary War commenced.

 The Silver Ladder locally choose to view this history as a manifold lesson. Firstly, that power does not necessarily equate with wisdom. Secondly, that the Lex Magica is not infallible, and ought to be viewed through a lens of contemporary morality and while yet acknowledging the wisdom of Ancient Atlantis that birthed it. Thirdly, that the great and the good of Awakened society are fallible too, and that when one makes even egregious errors, one is responsible for remaining to rectify them. Not out of a hope of remediation to one's own reputation, but out of an obligation to the world to leave it better than you found it. He spent the remainder of his tenure as Hierarch, Magister, and Deacon laboring to win the Unnamed Nation Recognition at the Convocation of the Lesser Northeast, fostering the study of the Martyr's Tree, and teaching apprentices of the error in his own ways. He was rewarded with the Posthumous title The Unwise, and the event he is now remembered for best is known as Gaveston's Great Hubris.

 One does the right thing because it is right, not for personal gain. Not even to alleviate personal loss. It's a lesson the Silver Ladder of Philadelphia have taken to heart, and this focus on obligation and humility before that obligation has worked to ensure the period between then and now has been marked with no notable breaches of Hubris among the Silver Ladder caucus. A nearly spotless record of which the caucus is rightly proud.

 These events gave rise to the tradition of the Council of the Wise, a cabal of the councilors who maintain the Shadow Names of the original Council of the 1690s, save for one. Gaveston's own. The Shadow Name Gaveston has been forbidden within the Martyr's Tree Consilium since its original bearer's death. Rather, the Hierarch now adopts the Shadow Name of Penance. A requisite sacrifice that is willingly made when a new Hierarch assumes the mantle of responsibility.

Silver Ladder Resources
  • Silver Ladder Chapter House
    • Hallow of the Penitent's Catharsis
    • Deacon's Chambers
    • Caucus Hall
    • Catalogue of the Manifold Cryptopoly
Silver Ladder Members
These are the current members of the Silver Ladder Caucus.
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Active Silver Ladder
Active Silver Ladder NPCs
Inactive Silver Ladder
Dead Silver Ladder


Silver Ladder Roles
These roles are adapted from Mage: the Awakening 1.0 and are subject to revision in play.

NPC Roles

  • Deacon - The Deacon's role will always be held by an NPC. The tenure of the present Deacon has lasted for over 70 years. The aging Zadok, an august figure by anyone's measure, has overseen a period of relative prosperity for the caucus, having assumed the mantle when his predecessor rose to the Council of the Wise as Ecgberht. It was he who began the Catalogue of the Cryptopolies, expanding the order's focus on nurturing Cryptopolies by creating the Cryptovoskoi. He has grown impatient in his autumn years, assuming a surly disposition that does not look kindly on those who step out of line. He upholds the orthodoxy of the local caucus's interpretation of the Elemental Precepts, and is rumored to be eyeing Bodhisattva as his successor, so that he might retire to the Magisterium.
    Prerequisites: Silver Ladder Status 4.
    Current Deacon: Zadok

PC Roles

  • Claviger - Clavigers are the "key holders" of the Silver Ladder. They serve as emissaries of the Order to the consilium and to the various supernatural societies that exist within the Chronicles of Darkness. Traditionally, they are tasked to serve as Provost in the event the Deacon should serve on the Council, a situation not presently the case here in the Martyr's Tree. They are further tasked with guiding the caucus in the Elemental Precepts, a responsibility that tends to make them an annoyance to their peers. To counteract this, they often resort to gifts and bribery to encourage compliance. Acanthus Clavigers tend to serve as emissaries to the changelings, Mastigos as emissaries to the Consilium, Moros as emissaries to the vampires, Obrimos as emissaries to the Adamantine Arrow, and Thyrsus as emissaries to the spirits.
    Prerequisites: Prime 2, Mind 2, Relevant Path Arcana 2, Occult 3 (Elemental Precepts), Persuasion or Subterfuge 2, Silver Ladder Status 3.
    Current Clavigers: Arminius, Jeremiah Hamilton
  • Cryptovoskos - The Cryptovoskoi are the occulted shepherds of the Silver Ladder's cryptopolies. They nurture their flocks within the safe fences of their grazing lands, monitor them for threats, and then eliminate them. They are responsible for identifying individuals within the cryptopolies who demonstrate promise and the potential to Awaken, or who otherwise demonstrate a master of the occult that would make their fallen powers of use even to the inheritors of Atlantis. The greatest Cryptovoskoi create their own mystery cults to serve as their cryptopolies, adding their new insights to the Catalogue of the Cryptopolies. Their close association with fallen world occultists makes the masking of their supernal pattern and true motivations a requirement.
    Prerequisites: Prime 2, Mind 2, Mystery Cult Influence 3, Silver Ladder Status 3.
    Current Cryptovoskoi: Bodhisattva
  • Lictor - Part judge for hire, part itinerant priest, the Lictors of the Silver Ladder bring the Lex Magica and its authority to remote places, or even to neighboring consilii to act as impartial arbiters of the Lex Magica in times of need. They are forbidden to take an apprentice, and rarely claim a dedicated sanctum. Rather, they travel at the behest of the Silver Ladder itself, criss-crossing the region to mete out justice or arbitrate disputes between individuals, cadres, and even entire convocations. In exchange, Lictors enjoy immunity from the Duel Arcane, and their rulings are considered final by the Silver Ladder. The Martyr's tree may appoint a Lictor to adjudicate matters at their behest, in which case the Lictor's ruling is final and without appeal. In capital cases, a Lictor is often employed as their immunity from reprisal couples well with the immunity of the Interfector from the same, making such matters a tidy process. Lictors found guilty of corruption are typically subjected to excruciating interrogation followed by the annihilation of their soul by an Interfector. Which makes for a strong deterrant from misconduct, to put it mildly. Lictors are, it goes without saying, Factotums in their own right.
    Prerequisites: Passed the Factotum Exam, Politics 3, Academics 3, Occult 4 (Lex Magica), Persuasion 3, Investigation 2, Silver Ladder Status 2.
    Current Lictors:
  • Factotum - Less a position and more of a title, Factotums serve as the litigators of the Awakened world. They argue matters before the Council and the Lictors, both for and against accused parties or in support or opposition to proposed legislation. Many acolytes set their sights on the role of Factotum as a means of establishing themselves as having truly risen out of their apprenticeships. A keen legal mind, a comprehensive understanding of the Elemental Precepts and the Lex Magica, and excellent speaking skills are a must for the work-a-day factotum. Curiously, this is a title that originates within the Silver Ladder but is by no means limited to it; any Awakened Recognized by the Order may study the Lex and take the exam administered and overseen by a Lictor.
    Prerequisites: Academics 3 (Lex Magica), Politics 2, Occult 2, Persuasion 2, Investigation 1, Silver Ladder Status 2.
    Current Factotums: Decima
  • Acolyte - In an order as in love with hierarchy as the Silver Ladder, someone has to be on the bottom rung. That's the Acolytes. While they are Awakened mages in their own right, having passed their Apprenticeships, they have yet to win the trust of the Order by demonstrating any mastery of the Elemental Precepts of the Lex Magica. They serve as messengers, errand runners, water carriers, and sometimes scapegoats. The Deacon sometimes employs them as personal assistants in exchange for tutelage, a coveted arrangement for the more advancement minded among them. The fastest way out of this unenviable position is the Factotum exam.
    Prerequisites: Silver Ladder Status 1.
    Current Acolytes: