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The Unnamed Nation, The Fruit of the Tree, The Mother's Children

 Nurture the Soul in all things, the elders of the Unnamed Nation teach their apprentices. For millennia before the arrival of the Diamond Orders, the Supernal held sway in the Delware Valley. A great consilium whose name is remembered only as Tukihëla once spanned across the rivers of the eastern seaboard. As far north as Ontario, as far south as Maryland. It upheld the Supernal with traditions that have also been lost to the fog of history, as the oral tradition of its practitioners ended with their lives. Only the inheritors of their legacies, the Children of the Tree, remain to piece together the truth from the fruits of the Martyr's Tree.

 In the centuries since, their studies have brought them into a tenuous harmony with the Diamond Orders, and into fellowship with the Free Council. Together they have demonstrated that humanity is the family of all, seeking first to comfort the afflicted before seeking to afflict the comfortable. They prize Harmony above all things, and will often sit in debate on topics of import for periods of time thought cumbersome and inefficient by their Diamond Order brethren. But when a decision is made by that community, it acts as one to carry it out. Even the detractors and dissenters become zealots for the cause, upholding their precept that the wisdom of the many outweigh the will of the one.

Suggested concepts: Acanthus Fortune Teller, Mastigos Therapist, Moros Medium, Obrimos Ritualist, Thyrsus Shaman

Unnamed Nation History

 For tens of thousands of years before the Martyr's tree took root in Philadelphia, magic was alive in the world. Even today, Unnamed Orders exist in the far reaches of the world, forming together in small cadres of like minded will workers, or upholding ancient traditions of remote cultures that have yet to contain anything of interest to the Diamond orders. Their traditions, their power, their wisdom are no less than that of a similar magus of the Diamond. The only difference is the clout behind the word they claim adherence to. A thearch of the Silver Ladder has the weight of a world spanning organization of warrior priests and philosopher kings behind it, while an Arrow has the martial backing of a ten thousand strong legion of warrior wizards backing his play. The Unnamed have only themselves.

 When the eponymous Martyr brought sense to Gaveston's creation, it created the breathing room and deference of Emeritus necessary to allow the Children of the Tree to coalesce. One by one, pilgrims from the Unnamed Nations paid homage at the tree, honoring the sacrifice of the Martyr and seeking to uphold her memory and her traditions. Through careful analysis of the tree and its fruits over the centuries, the Children of the Tree have created a cogent and cohesive metaphysic relating to their structure and governance.

 They seek the counsel of the Elder, usually the oldest among the Children in real years, regardless of their power. The Elder advises, and rarely leads. The Elder is an administrator, a delegator, and consults frequently with the Emissaries before rendering opinions. Those opinions are chronicled by the Tale Keeper, and stored in the Lorehouse of the Tree. Each emissary, representing each of the paths of the Supernal, holds primacy of opinion in its field. On matters concerning the Shadow realm, the Nation defers to the Emissary of the Spirit Nation. When it comes to matters of the Supernal, the Emissary of the Sky Nation is the one receiving the call. Their input and advice is weighed heavily by the Elder and the council of Emissaries before decisions are made.

 This ease of delegation and absence of ego appealed, at least in an ideological sense, to the early Free Councilors. It's a tradition that persists to this day within both sides of the assembly.

 The Unnamed Nations generally and the Children of the Tree specifically seek to undo the pain and strife colonization has caused in the area. Through study of the tree's mysteries and close association with the Diamond Orders, they attempt to counter what the Children call The Great Hubris of Gaveston: The threat of sentence for a wise elder speaking in defense of her people and appealing to the compassion and reason of the so-called wise.

 They think nothing of speaking truth to power, and recognize that wisdom can exist in the smallest of voice or the least of people. A truth manifestly proved by the awakenings of otherwise ordinary persons.

Unnamed Nation Resources
  • Lodge of the Children of the Tree
    • Hallow of the Two Sisters
    • Lorehouse of the Tree
    • Office of the Elder
    • Office of the War Maker
    • Office of the Tale Keeper
    • Office of the Emissariate
Unnamed Nation Members
These are the current members of the Children of the Tree.
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Active Children of the Tree
Active Children of the Tree NPCs
Inactive Children of the Tree
Dead Children of the Tree


Mechanical Benefits

Children of the Tree more than any other order in the region coexist with the entirety of the order on a routine basis. Community is their watchword. When performing magic in a teamwork roll, each additional Scion contributes a +1 to a single Environmental Yantra, to a maximum of +5.

Order Tools:
The Children of the Tree come from an animist tradition, and their tools reflect that. Technoshamanistic or traditionally shamanistic tools are appropriate.

Wisdom of the Martyr: Dot-filled.png to Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Requirements: Children of the Tree Status Dot-filled.png

Many Blossoms Dot-filled.png : For teamwork actions, your assistance grants the primary actor +1 dice in addition to whatever successes you roll. This additional bonus caps at +5, even if more than five persons with this merit are involved in assistance.

Deep Roots Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png : When participating in a teamwork roll, you may roll a number of times equal to the highest pool employed by any other actor in the teamwork action.

One Trunk Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png : When participating in teamwork rolls, you may substitute an applicable skill instead of the skill being employed by the primary actor at the Storyteller's discretion. For example if your computer skills might aid in an investigator, or your socialize skills might help in disarming the target of another's persuasion.

Unnamed Nation Roles
These roles were created specifically for From Dusk Till Jawn and are subject to revision in play.

NPC Roles

  • Elder - The Elder's role will always be held by an NPC. The Elder is always the oldest member of the order in terms of real years. This does not always result in the most powerful mage serving in the role, but it does ensure that the patience of age and the wisdom of the years temper the youthful energy and impetuous nature of the young. This figure *is* a leader, but is not a commander. The Elder provides guidance and counsel, insight and compassion. The Elder works to bring consensus to an issue, and unite both sides in the proper course and not always in compromise. In general matters, the decisions of the Elder are often sought out singly, such as when two Magi have a dispute over a concept, or in the dispensation of an artifact or piece of tass. Matters that touch on the community, however, are always brought before the order as a whole for deliberation.
    Prerequisites: Children of the Tree Status 4.
    Current Elder: Balm

PC Roles

  • War Maker - The astute will note that war-fighting abilities are not a prerequisite for being a War Maker. In point of fact, the War Maker's first job is to ensure there aren't any more. They are expert negotiators, keen investigators, masters of the human condition, and accomplished mediators. Working with the Emissaries, the Warmaker steps in when violence seems inevitable to see if the matter cannot be resolved peacefully. When war actually does break out, however, the Warmaker's knowledge is such that it puts the order on a solid foundation as a result of the prior negotiations. Strategy and tactics come naturally to the Warmaker, and under its guidance, the warriors of the order understand that the bloodshed they must undertake was not for a lack of effort.
    Prerequisites: Academics 3 (Warfare), Occult 3 (Cortical Precepts), Persuasion 2 (Leadership), Empathy or Subterfuge 2 (Negotiation), Children of the Tree Status 3.
    Current Warmaker: Peacekeeper
  • Talekeeper - So much was lost with the fall of the Lenape consilium. Oral traditions are wonderful cultural pieces, but do not leave records for posterity. That lesson having been learned, the Talekeeper seeks out such stories and tales, allegories and teachings, and commits them to the Lorehouse. The Talekeeper is also responsible for stewardship of the Tree along with the Mysterium's representative, and for safekeeping the mysteries uncovered through its study. They are expected to be teachers, communicators, and sages in their own right. It so happens that the best Elders were often Talekeepers.
    Prerequisites: Prime 2, Spirit 2, Life 2, Mind 2, Occult 4 (Mysteries), Academics 3 (Research), Children of the Tree Status 3.
    Current Talekeeper: Weaver
  • Emissary - The Emissariate of the Children of the Tree is separated by paths. The Acanthus serve as Emissaries of the Great Creator, the Mastigos serve as Emissaries to the River Nations, the Moros as Emissaries to the Ancestors, the Obrimos as Emissaries to the Sky Nations, and the Thyrsus as Emissaries to the Spirit Nations. What this means in practice, is that the order looks to each path to do what each path is called to do. Acanthus look through time and consult the web of fate ordained by the Great Creator, Mastigos plumb the depths of the psyche and span the distances of the human nations, Moros deal with the dead and gross matter, Obrimos deal with the Supernal and draw fire from the heavens, while Thyrsus commune with their spirit siblings and nurture the living world of the plants, animals, and all of the wild things. It is the rank and file Emissariate that the Elder looks to for guidance in deliberative matters, and assignments within the order are parceled out to the various offices of the emissariate to carry out, sometimes individually, often in tandem. Modern days have seen these ad hoc groupings of mages termed Delegations. Particularly successful or synergistic delegations often result in new cadres forming.
    Prerequisites: One ruling Arcana at 3, one Ruling Arcana at 2, Persuasion 2, Empathy or Subterfuge 1, Children of the Tree Status 2.
    Current Emissaries: Kay, Maddy, Little Fox
  • Sister/Brother/Sibling - Until one has demonstrated competency within their ruling arcana and demonstrated a fundamental knowledge of the Cortical Precepts, they remain simply siblings of the order. This is not a diminutive title whatsoever. The purpose of the sibling is to learn, and the responsibility of the nation is to teach. While one is a sibling, one enjoys free access to the minds and talents of the community, and many is the sibling that generalizes their learning during this stage in development to benefit from this free exchange of ideas and experiences before seeking to demonstrate their fitness for the Emissariate. In exchange they perform the routine duties of necessary for the ease and function of the people. Sometimes this takes the form of menial chores such as cooking and laundry. Other times, as life-threatening as entering battle. Most children look back on this period of their lives with fondness.
    Prerequisites: Children of the Tree Status 1.
    Current Siblings: Mei Lee
The Cortical Precepts
 The Children of the Tree refer to themselves as Scions. Not in the sense of the Diamond orders, who use such terms to style themselves inheritors of the legacy of the Supernal itself, but in the horticulturalist's sense. A grafting, or offshoot, given life of its own. This has given rise, in more modern days, of Children referring to one another as Shoots. Or any play on that word. "Big Shooter", for example. "Straight Shooter", likewise.

 They have become an amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern learning, maintaining the beliefs of the original Unnamed of the Lenape people, while welcoming any of a like mind to join with them. It's become a technoshaman's Order as a result, with old beliefs and practices coming to new life in contemporary times. They subscribe to the belief that if a teaching no longer seems sensible in a contemporary setting, then their understanding of the teaching was incorrect; not the teaching itself. They constantly return to their foundations, build and rebuild, learn and relearn. Germinating, shooting forth, flowering, and dying. Genesis and destruction, in a constant cycle of revelation guided by the Mysteries of the Martyr's Tree.

  • Nurture the Soul in All Things: The Children of the Tree arise from an animist tradition. It is no secret that spirits exist in most every object of the fallen world, within the realm of the Shadow, and on occasion cross the gauntlet between worlds to exist in this reality. This precept touches on this truth to a degree, but by far exceeds it in scope. The Supernal is Truth. All that exists in the fallen world is a reflection of its ideal concept which exists beyond the Abyss. By nurturing plants, they become more like their ideal self. By nurturing animals, they become more perfect. By maintaining our tools, they are made better. By encouraging others, you improve them, too. The Supernal and the Fallen World will never again co-exist if the world is left in its present state. Fallen. Diseased. Fractured by conflict and strife. The fallen world is a patient in need of healing, and the Children are its nursemaids. The work is unending, but it is necessary. Vital, even, to the awakening of the world's dormant souls.
  • Humanity is the Family of All: The Children see themselves in others. Once an Awakened has made the choice to join with the Children of the Tree, they are family. Not grudgingly, not hesitantly, not on a probationary basis; immediately, totally, and as though it had always been so. This comes with the expectation of reciprocity. A family member once adopted has their day on the chore wheel, and will be expected to immediately provide nurturing support and familial loyalty to each and every other Child in the Assembly of the Unnamed Nation. Beyond this, they seek to make others view the world in such terms. To see beyond the artificial distinctions of race and gender, into the living breathing vibrant soul of the other. The sympathies that this mindset generates are potent, and were a key to the staying power of the Unnamed, even when outnumbered during the War of the Unnamed in the late 17th century.
  • The Wisdom of the Many Outweigh the Will of the One: In a world where the Diamond run the show, meritocracy is often considered the rule of the Awakened. The one with the biggest bat does the commanding, and all others follow. That is anathema to the Children, in truth. Any decision worth making for the entirety of the nation is worth making after due deliberation and consideration of every option before them. If it's true that the Supernal exists in the reflection of the Fallen World, then surely seeking the input of as many minds as possible for any given problem will reflect more supernal truth into the deliberations than the will of a single Hierarch or Magister. They don't make rash decisions which impact others, and they absolutely do not go against the decisions reached once the deliberations have ended. This means that once they choose to act on a matter, they can bring the totality of their membership to bear on the matter.

 Rote Skills: Occult, Persuasion, Survival