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 Acanthus wield Fate and Time to measure and cut the threads of potential that surround them. Mercurial, touched by the Fae, prone to sweeping swings between mirth and melancholy, Acanthus are burdened with that most terrible punishment of all: knowing. They plumb the depths of the past, divine the potential of the future, and nudge events in manners both gross and subtle to achieve their desired ends. They bring potential to the impossible, and certainty where there is doubt. When they are benign or beneficent, they are Enchanters. Where their aims turn selfish or pestilent, they are Witches.

Supernal Realm: Arcadia
Watchtower: The Lunargent Thorn
Path: Path to Arcadia, Supernal Realm of Fate and Time, and abode of Fae
Followers: Witches & Enchanters
Ruling Arcana: Fate & Time
Inferior Arcana: Forces

Active Acanthus
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 Mind is substance, and Space is sentiment. Mastigos plumb the depths of human potential, wielding as weapons people's desires, thoughts, and perceptions. Disdainful of taboos, self-certain as only one who knows oneself may be, Mastigos expand their understanding and improve themselves through constant, rigorous challenge. Disciplined souls, present and mindful, they are Warlocks when they cleave to tradition. Where they are progressive or modernists, they style themselves Psychonauts.

Supernal Realm: Pandemonium
Watchtower: The Iron Guantlet
Path: Path to Pandemonium, Supernal Realm of Mind and Space, and abode of Demons
Followers: Warlock & Psychonaut
Ruling Arcana: Mind & Space
Inferior Arcana: Matter

Active Mastigos
Active Mastigos NPCs

 It is a misconception that Moros are static beings, devoted to cold and stagnant death. On the contrary, they are agents of change. The transition from living to dead, the transition of lead to gold, the transition of being to unbeing, Making and Unmaking. They commune with the souls of the departed, ameliorate the shades and specters that haunt the world, and lay bulwarks around the souls of those they treasure. When their focus is on transition and the physical they are Alchemists, peerless scientists of matter and interaction. Where their interests turn more to the morbid and transmundane, they are called Necromancers.

Supernal Realm: Stygia
Watchtower: The Lead Coin
Path: Path to Stygia, Supernal Realm of Death and Matter, and abode of Shades
Followers: Alchemist & Necromancer
Ruling Arcana: Death & Matter
Inferior Arcana: Spirit

Active Moros
Active Moros NPCs

 Obrimos view magic as a science, a study of the means and methods to venerate creation and its Creator. In a world of elaborate magical laws, Obrimos hold the Golden Key, the means of unlocking Supernal Truth, and wield the very stuff of supernal potential. Call them Thaumaturges when they follow ancient paths to hidden wisdom and pursue magic for its own sake. When they venerate the sublime and deified and commune with the Angels of creation, know them as Theurges.

Supernal Realm: Aether
Watchtower: The Golden Key
Path: Path to the Aether, Supernal Realm of Prime and Forces, and abode of Angels
Followers: Thaumaturge & Theurge
Ruling Arcana: Prime & Forces
Inferior Arcana: Death

Active Obrimos
Active Obrimos NPCs

 Thyrsus travel the distance between flesh and ephemera. Spirit and beast alike are their purview, and when not climbing the World Tree, they travel in Shadow, rule spirits and animals alike, and commune with the pulsing heartbeat of a primal, living world. Call them Shamans when, for the sake of humanity, they seek out truths and experiences and return them like precious treasures to share. Where they pursue the simple truths of being and revel in the moment of sensual-- not necessarily carnal --experience, call them Ecstatics.

Supernal Realm: Primal Wild
Watchtower: The Stone Book
Path: Path to the Primal Wild, Supernal Realm of Spirit and Life, and abode of Beasts
Followers: Shaman & Ecstatic
Ruling Arcana: Life & Spirit
Inferior Arcana: Mind

Active Thyrsus
Active Thyrsus NPCs