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 Acanthus wield Fate and Time to measure and cut the threads of potential that surround them. Mercurial, touched by the Fae, prone to sweeping swings between mirth and melancholy, Acanthus are burdened with that most terrible punishment of all: knowing. They plumb the depths of the past, divine the potential of the future, and nudge events in manners both gross and subtle to achieve their desired ends. They bring potential to the impossible, and certainty where there is doubt. When they are benign or beneficent, they are Enchanters. Where their aims turn selfish or pestilent, they are Witches.

Supernal Realm: Arcadia
Watchtower: The Lunargent Thorn
Path: Path to Arcadia, Supernal Realm of Fate and Time, and abode of Fae
Followers: Witches & Enchanters
Ruling Arcana: Fate & Time
Inferior Arcana: Forces

Active Acanthus
Active Acanthus NPCs