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A lover of gardening, the natural world and a generally outgoing person, Mary was one of those who founded the young Cadre known as the Soulwardens.

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  • The Soulwardens - Her family, cadre and those who ground her.
  • Maddy - It's always good to have someone so warm to talk to and garden with.
  • Little Fox - As wise a teacher and friend as you can get. And we also both love to play.


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RP Hooks
Green thumb: Mary loves to experiment with gardening and in making life bloom. Gardening centres and flower shows can often find her in attendance.

Tai Chi and Yoga: Being a believer in mind, body and spirit being in balance with one another, she practices both these forms of exercise and is happy to teach to prospective students, charging nothing and simply seeming happy to engage people in calming practises in a frantic world.

An Arrow: As sunny and cheerful as she might be, she's also one of the warriors of the Wise and won't hesitate to take up arms when needed to defend others. That said, she will almost always do her best to find an alternative solution, even if that might put her at personal risk.

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Recognized Title
Adept Harmony, Shaman on the Path to Ecstasy, Supernal Realm of Life and Spirits, Scion of the Watchtower of the Primal Wild, Adept of Life and Spirit, Disciple of Fate

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Signature Nimbus: The smell of fresh flowers, of earth after rain.

Immediate Nimbus: A feeling of increased vigor and capacity, but a lack of mental focus as the feeling overwhelms. (-1 intelligence, +1 stamina)

Long Term Nimbus: Plants seem a little healthier, and people and animals feel a touch more energetic, weariness withdrawing.

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Mary Toombs/Soundtrack

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Mary Toombs

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Full Name/Known as: Mary Toombs
Shadow Name: Harmony
Occupation: Tai Chi and Yoga Instructor
Birth: 12th of February, 1990
Nationality: American
Age: 30
Height: 5'9"
Status: Adamantine Arrow 1, Consilium 1
Path: Thrysus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Legacy: Perfected Adepts
Cadre: The Soulwardens

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Played By: Retias