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Order of the Railwalkers

Order of the Railwalkers

Jack London's autobiographical novel The Road as well as several of its contemporaries and copycats helped create a rosy image of hobos to the elite of this country. Painting life as a vagabond as a virtuous choice as opposed to a failing of capitalism. Though none felt it as keenly as a group of well-to-do spiritualists in upstate New York. They believed that there was a true beatific beauty in the noble life of riding the rails. And once the Great Depression hit and more people then ever turned to hitching, they set up their lodge as a place for anyone to come and get a hot meal and a drink if they discussed morality and any occult phenomenons they encountered on the road.

Turns out there are a lot of monsters. A worrying amount of them.

In its modern day incarnation, it's more like a 12 step program if it was run by Van Helsing. Helping the homeless get off drugs, stay fed and find work with an undercurrent of warning about the supernatural. For those who take the program more to heart they have more material to read about in the back regarding the things that go bump in the night and how to keep yourself safe. The members are expected to show up for meetings and be non-disruptive discussion members. And to help with the charity efforts every now and again.

Contact (Local Homeless)

•• Hobbyist Clique (The Order of Railwalkers; Occult)

••• Occult dot

•••• Bless Amulet 3, but the amulet must be a coin crushed by a train OR if you cannot take supernatural merits, Library (Occult) 3

••••• Clairvoyance using railroad tracks as a Medium OR if you cannot take supernatural merits, Status (Charity) 3