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 The current Penance, the seventh since the retirement of Gaveston the Unwise, came to power by popular acclaim and the unanimous assent of the Council of the Wise in 2008. She had served as Provost of the prior Penance for nearly as many years as her present tenure, and had increasingly filled the prior Penance's role as his health began to deteriorate. Accordingly, she had plenty of experience making the tough calls before the responsibility was solely hers and hers alone. She had served as a Claviger in the Broken Oar consilium for several years before being requested by name to serve as Provost, making the transfer to Martyr's Tree in the late 1990s. She is widely considered to be a wise and just Hierarch, with something like the wisdom of Solomon when it comes to resolving disputes between rival cadres and untangling the intrigues of the council. She is patient and contemplative, though prone to giving inspiring speeches during meetings of the consilium.

RP Hooks
  • Social Worker - Despite her lofty position within the Silver Ladder and the Consilium, she serves the citizens of Philadelphia where they need it most.
  • Hierarch - The buck stops with her. Her door is open to offer counsel on the Elemental Precepts and the Lex Magica.
  • Firebrand - If you're feeling down and uninspired, she will light a fire under your ass. In a good way.
  • Familiar - She's a wee bit closer to fire than most Obrimos.
Full Title

Second Degree Master Factotum Penance, Thearch and Theurge on the Path to the Aether, Supernal Realm of Prime and Forces, and abode of Angels, Atonement of the Council of the Wise, Hierarch of the Martyr's Tree of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast, Master of Forces and Prime, Adept of Spirit and Mind, Apprentice of Space and Time


Hierarch Penance, Thearch Theurge (NPC)
Pronouns: She/Her
Date of Birth: ???
Apparent Age: 30s
Occupation: Social Worker
Tenure: 12 years

Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Tamer of Fire
Cadre: Council of the Wise