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RP Hooks
Connected to the Beasts: Salome has been seen interacting with a variety of animals around the city and her skill with them is unbelievable.

New and Not New: The Hunter in Darkness seems mostly new to the city, but someone who's been around for a while, may know that she was here around 10 years ago

Cagebreaker: It's easy enough to trace back who gave her the deedname, it's almost impossible to know how she got it.

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•: Without Prompting, Suggested herself to be a messenger and delivery person between the various pockets of the tribes in the region.

••: Sought a diplomatic solution with a pack of blood talons hunting down a Ghost Wolf on the edge of her old pack territory

•••: Left her old pack to join a new one in order to pay restitution to someone wronged.


•: Sacrificed her connection to her family to save them from her change.

••: Fasted for several years outside of hunting for her food.

•••: Sacrificed her connection to her old pack to protect her family from danger


•: Understood the Ban she was placed under and worked around it to save her family from her predicted oncoming changes.

••: Figured out the paths that a dangerous Azlu was taking and help planned the hunt that led to the hunt being successful in Georgia

•••: Healed the changing resonance of her old pack's loci.

••••: Created a Fetish for her Lodge mentor and herself

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Salome Perez


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Public Name: Salome
Deedname: Cagebreaker
Birth: Unknown
Nationality: Columbian American
Age: Undisclosed
Height: 5' 7"
Auspice: Crescent Moon
Tribe: Hunter in Darkness
Lodge: Lodge of the Companions
Public Effects:
Pack: The Watchdogs

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Played By: TheUserWin