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Sieghilde simply conserves words. She's reserved with people she doesn't know; few outside her family or pack frequently hear her speak at length. Of course, there are the occasional bursts of fury (or furious verbiage), and those bursts of fury, coupled with her fists, give rise to her deedname: Hildehammer. Who needs the hammer of Thor when there are the hammers of the Valkyrie to fear? Her name roughly translates to Hammer of the Just Priestess in First Tongue.

She drinks, she smokes, she fights. Occasionally, she quotes obscure poets, just for fun. She's an expert traceuse, too, because why not, right? It's easy for people who don't know her to forget that Sieghilde Altman, the Punchmonster, is also Dr. Sieghilde A. Altman, sporting a doctorate in Literature, though she retired from teaching. Underestimate her intelligence or underestimate her fists: only the foolish or the uninformed do either.

Once a Bone Shadow, over a decade ago she left that Tribe and became one of the Suthar Anzuth. Sigi has a very precise take on the tribe's philosophy. It includes such sayings as 'if you love your brother, you'll throw him off the roof.' Whatever that means.

Rumors that she literally bit the right half of her Ritemaster's ass off during her Ordeal are probably just rumors.


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RP Hooks
  • Berlin: Sieghilde lived there for several years, both before and after her Change, among other places.
  • Vienna: She was born and grew up here.
  • Blood Talons: She sure is.
  • Bone Shadows: She used to be.
  • Funeral Home: Sieghilde's older brother Ulric (NPC) is the manager of the Altman Funeral Home by the Hospital. Did someone die?
  • Parkour: Like flinging yourself off of tall things and tossing yourself between rooftops like a rubber ball? Like vaulting mailboxes and shimmying up lightpoles? Want to learn how to do so? Sieghilde eats, sleeps, breathes parkour. Note: this does not mean she is a Parkour-dispensing machine. She will test potential students before teaching them, and she does expect her students to pay attention to the philosophy behind Parkour as much as the actual physical practice. Otherwise you end up with this, which is hilarious, but not practical.
  • University: Sigi is a well-known figure in academic circles, despite how unsettling she is.
  • Werewolves: She's lived in a few cities and her family is notoriously prodigious. Know her? Know one of her countless siblings scattered across the world?
  • Beer: do you have it? Sigi will drink it. (Provided that it is Weihenstephaner.)

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Cunning 1: Infiltrated Pure territory to research a wound.

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Sieghilde Altman

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Full Name: Dr. Sieghilde Altman, D.Litt.
Athena Hildehammer/Gira-mun'isisa
Occupation: Professor Emeritus of Literature, Universitat Wien
Birth: Nov 11 1972
Nationality: Austrian
Apparent Age: 40s
Height: 6'1"
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons
Public Effects:
Pack: Unbekannt

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Played By: Spider