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Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see.

— Edgar Allen Poe

A Philadelphia native, Sierra has just recently returned to the Delaware Valley region after receiving word of the Wounding of Bancroft, which took the lives of several of her friends and peers, including her brother.

With a mane of thick, dark hair and a pair of vibrant green eyes that hint at her Ashkenazi heritage, Sierra is often dressed in dark colors that let her blend comfortably into the background, and her Irraka birthright and blessings never seem to be far from her; she is the reigning sovereign of the "ghosting exit" and often leaves without saying goodbye.
Prodigal Daughter: She went out into the great wide world to do her own thing, and returned after the Wounding of Bancroft. She's still checking up and checking in on all of the people from her past in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, a lot of them are dead.

Wanderlust Polyglot: She admits she once spent as long as two years in a single place; besides that, she's been a tumbleweed since her Change in 2005, and is conversational in several languages.

Shadow Dealer: She is keenly disposed towards negotiating with spirits -- and when necessary, dealing with them in other ways.

Joints Don't Bend That Way: She's safe walking alone down a dark alley, let's leave it at that.

Rite Master and Fetish Crafter: She's always looking to learn new Rites, and will exchange like for like, or help someone with a Fetish creation.

You Cannot Hide: Sierra is remarkably present in the physical world for a Bone Shadow, with a preternaturally high affinity for both the Hisil and the Gurihal, decoding bits of information from either like a cypher. She is a devastating tracker through both realms, unflagging and relentless once on the Hunt.

Ephemeral Sorceress: Sierra's attunement with the Shadow is unsettling even for some Uratha; she draws on spiritual Influences with enough deftness that it would be easy to mistake her for a mage. Unless she wolfed out. Then it would be pretty hard.

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Ada Weston: Befriended abroad in Syria; she's a nervous little thing. I kept an eye on her then and I'll keep an eye on her now.
Ludwig Altman: Shared values and interests are powerful ties that bind. And I want to see what he can do.
Lily Takahashi: She was a big deal when I was coming up in the early Aughts. I can't believe she remembers me, but I'm grateful.
Salome Perez: I haven't figured out what I want to write yet, cut me a break.
Vorpal: I haven't figured out what I want to write yet, cut me a break.
?????????: More soon, I promise. Really. Cross my heart.

 In Urhan form, Sierra is pitch-black and
sleek, possessed of an eerie and silent grace.

 Each of her wolf forms bears a shade of the
uncanny likeness of Kig-Ur, the Seeking Wolf
and patron of the Bone Shadows.

 She ripples like a shadow when she moves
and falls like a thunderbolt when she strikes.

Are you looking for something? ;)
Full Name: Sierra Roen
Deed Name: ???
Pronouns: She/Her
Blood/Bone: Find Out
Renown: Cunning Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Glory Dot-filled.png
Honor Dot-filled.png
Purity Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.png
Wisdom Dot-filled.png
Public Effects: Embodiment of Kig-Ur
Multilingual (Arabic, German,
Hebrew, Spanish)
Occupation: Find Out
Apparent Age: 30?
Height: 5'10"
Auspice: Auspice-irraka.png Irraka
Tribe: Tribe-boneshadows.png Bone Shadows
Lodge: Lodge-endlesshorizon.png Lodge of the Endless Horizon
Pack: Werewolf-packs.png SOON
MCI: Shadow.png Murk Striders
LOGS Scratch.png