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He's traditionally handsome--fairly tall and well built. His dark hair is always neatly kept, and has streaks of silver. He always dresses well, in designer clothing. It's a wolf dressing in sheep's clothing though--he's never able to fully shed that air of menace that lingers around him. It's felt fully when you stare him in the eyes. There's something wrong about his eyes, even when they're obscured by glasses.

Simon can pretend to be a good person. He can smile politely and act like a gentleman. But it's, at best, a thinly applied ruse. There's always something off-putting about him. Maybe it's the cruel curl to his grin while he plots, or the sleezy way he treats the world as something to conquer, or... maybe it's the way he sometimes stares at you: wild-eyed, unhinged, almost possessed.

Simon is a Boston native, but has lived in Philly for nearly ten years now, and has slowly worked on integrating himself into society. He's well known as a rich bastard among the elite and a ruthless smuggler among criminals. A year ago he was thrown into Mage society after an encounter with a rumored abyssal relic, the details of which have been carefully obscured by the Mysterium.

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RP Hooks

Looking For Something?: Looking to purchase some antiquities? Need a weapon? Want some drugs? Trying to track down a relic or artifact? Simon can hook you up.

Ear To The Ground: Need some information? Simon always seems to know someone who can whisper secrets into his ear.

Need A Job?: Simon is always on the look out for someone with potential. Be it as an informant, a body guard, a researcher, whatever--he'll pay good money to get a new minion. He's also always on the look out for an interesting investment, if you want to pitch a business idea to him.

High Society: Simon is an active member of the rich and elite. He attends parties, galas, charity events--and even donates a fair amount. He is especially generous towards local history/archeological museums. Word has it the Penn Museum is talking about naming a new wing after him.

Single Father: Simon's wife was mysteriously murdered a year ago. Some rumors say Simon killed her, while others claim he pissed off the wrong person and her death was revenge. Either way, it left Simon a single father to a 16 year old girl. Got some parenting advice?

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Simon Dubois

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Full Name: Simon Dubois
Shadow Name: Jinx
Title: Sleepwalker Jinx, Acquisitor of the Mysterium of the Martyr's Tree of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Occupation: Rich Bastard (Smuggler/Antiquities Dealer)
Age: 41
Height: 6'
Cadre: None
Public Effects:

Contacts (Black Market, Historians, The K&A Gang, Dirty Cops, Shipping)
Air of Menace
Status (Mysterium) 1
Status (Crime) 3
Status (High Society) 3

Supernatural Merits:

Curse Effigy
Dark Passenger
Evil Eye

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Played By: User:Fofo