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Summer Courtier
"To cut properly, you must continually self-annihilate when cutting. Your hand must become a hand that is cutting, your body a body that is cutting, your mind a mind that is cutting. You must instantaneously destroy your fake pre-present self. It is a useless hanger on." - Meti's Sword Manual

Mask Six feet tall, rangy, muscular, and Latin@: Teagan's skin is tawny, their black hair cut shaggy. Their shoulders are broader than one might expect from a woman but narrower than one might expect from a man. Androgyny on-point. What's in Teagan's pants? Wrath.


Most of the time, Teagan is tall -- about six feet tall -- with smooth black skin and short, shaggy-cut black hair. Their long black coat is new, made of some sort of rich, well-worked leather, and has a tough hood. They wear beat up black boots and jeans along with a ragged shirt printed with the words they/them. Their eyes aren't actually eyes, but their eyepits are laid in with mosaics of broken mirrors, which reflect back strange fragments of whatever they're looking at.


Roiling blast-furnace heat, the scent of sun-baked asphalt cooling after sundown, and a distant crackling sound of milspec radios; the radios seem to forever be calling for help.

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Home, Hearth, Heart

Just Jack

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RP Hooks
  • LGBTQ/Queer: Teagan is a member of the queer community: trans and pansexual, they can frequently be found at the William Way LGBTQ community center.
  • Summer: And how. Teagan's been a member of the Court of the Iron Spear for about twenty years.
  • Dominican: Teagan's first language is Spanish, and they're somewhat estranged from their birth culture. Durances will do that.
  • Everyone Talks To The Mirror: Well. It's true.

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"If it weren't for Teagan, I'd have left Philly behind in the dust and fucked off back to Nacogdoches - but they pulled me back, took a fuckin' crowbar to my shell, and they didn't recoil from what they found. They've seen me at my worst, my wit's end, my angriest, and my most vulnerable - and they still give a shit. Good and bad. As is. They know more about me than any living person. They're my home, I love them, and I would do anything they asked me to." - Sturm

"I haven't figured out if this chemistry is unexpected or not. But holy shit, there's a lot of it. I'm glad it took more than a shared Keeper to get us here." - Jack

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Full Name: Teagan
Occupation: Murderhobo
Birth: A Long Time Ago
Nationality: GO BIRDS, GO PHILS
Apparent Age: 30s
Height: 6'0"
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Mirrorskin
Court: Summer
Public Effects: Summer Mantle 4
Rigid Mask
Court Role: Hunter of the Longest Day
Motley: Direct Action

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And you took
Your machete
And you sliced through the vines that wrapped around me
And you said
"I don't know what I'm doing
So I'll just keep on cutting
It's worth a little blood to get your arms free"

I have never liked the box of knives
You said was a paradox because you're kind
But withstood a childhood that robbed you blind
Of love that was safe and so you learned to fight

- Amanda Palmer, "Machete"

Teagan's Soundtrack

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Played By: Spider