The Firebirds

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"Often, our world is lifted elsewhere. Many come. Many go.
To them, I am little more than a lantern glow. Those who
dawdle before us smile at the prince’s boyband charm, or
the carpet’s swirling curlicues, but you, you stop. You peer
at the cold coal that birthed me. Your eye meets mine
and at last, the gaze is complete. Tell me, what do you see?"
-To Meet The Firebird's Eye
Supernal Meaning

The Firebird: In Slavic folklore, the Firebird's tail feather serves as a call to adventure. The summons to a quest both disastrous and rewarding. The pearl of wisdom in its beak may be gained at the cost of sacrifice, departure, loss, and suffering. Coveted, yet reviled.

Pavlichenko - Decorticator Pheme - Decorticator

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Acanthus
Role: Lorekeeper


Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Obrimos
Role: Edgetender

Revontulet - Emissary

Order: Children of the Tree
Path: Thyrsus
Role: Hearthkeeper

Anthelion - Decorticator Parhelion - Sibling

Order: Guardians of the Veil
Path: Mastigos
Role: Farseeker


Order: Children of the Tree
Path: Obrimos
Role: Doorwarden

Pleroma - Former Doorwarden

Order: Adamantine Arrow
Path: Obrimos
Role: Emeritus

Are the Firebirds Recruiting?: Maybe? There are five of us now. A Moros, perhaps.

What do the Firebirds do?: They oppose the Iron Pyramid in all things, to the best of the ability of all of their members. This does not mean that all of them fight Seers through direct force of arms: some seek to protect the integrity of the Awakened Society of Philadelphia and the safety of the Veil through directed intercession in the media, in the affairs of the police and government, and in extreme cases through force of arms.

What are the Firebirds looking for?: Preferably, we choose our numbers by Path. Candidates should have some level of aptitude in social engineering or spycraft. Status merits, social merits, or the ability to acquire them. Alternatively, a proficiency with discrete violence, an ability to use magic subtly to desired ends, and an overdeveloped sense of ethics.

What do the Firebirds have to offer?: At present, not much. Their members are scattered across Russia and Europe, and are presently fleeing a crackdown by the FSB.

What can the Firebirds do for non-members? Despite their present lack of infrastructure, the Firebirds are uniquely positioned to apply their talents in civil society and government. They are inveterate information gatherers, and not too shabby at wet work, either. Once they've established a safe house in the city, this will change.

What territory do the Firebirds publicly claim? At present, none. They're still gathering their disparate members and seeking new recruits.


Great Rights

The Firebirds openly honors all five of the Great Rights.

Right of Crossing:

We're reading all of yours while we figure out where we're posting ours.

Right of Emeritus:

We serve the Diamond, its Consilium, and its Consilium's Convocation. We know its Lex Magica. We exhibit deference to its officers. We protect its membership.

Right of Hospitality:

We're reading all of yours while we figure out where we're posting ours.

Right of Nemesis:

We are unaccustomed to the standards of this consilium. If you want a duel, we'll duel. If you want a fight, we'll kill you. We'd rather talk than do either.

Right of Sanctuary:

Stay out of our affairs, we'll stay out of yours. Mess with our property and claims at your peril.


Lesser Analogues