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  • Name: deerghosts - she/they pronouns
  • My Characters:
    • Frankie Hazard (she/her) A tongue-in-cheek Changeling take on the Untitled Goose - INACTIVE! Honk.
    • Werewolf Incoming ♥
  • Content warnings requested:
    • Suicide, Suicidality
  • Experiences or topics I'd like to engage:
    • 1. HORROR - let's get monstrous, grimy, and creepy. I like my darkness dark!
    • 2. Multi-person elaborate schemes, grandiose plots, subtle machinations of all sorts and their eventual pay-off or dramatic dissolution
    • 3. Rivalry and conflict with robust and healthy OOC communication
    • 4. Failing in a fun way
    • 5. Supernatural politics (miss me with mortal bureaucracy and politics, please)
    • 6. A character (yours or mine) turning a developmental corner, especially if there's pathos or consequences
    • 7. SPIRITS and GHOSTS all day every day
  • Experiences or topics I want to avoid:
    • Fluffy Social RP - I'm not interested in movie night, coffee house, or walks through the park RP in general.
    • Excessive character bleed - let's keep those boundaries well-defined! I'm not interested in seducing or offending anyone's direct self-insert.
    • Heavy cross-sphere interaction. I made a character in the sphere where I want to focus my stories. ♥
  • You can make me feel included as a player by:
    • 1. Establishing a friendly OOC rapport.
    • 2. Letting me know if you're struck with inspiration for a story arc and want to include my character in some way.
    • 3. Giving me positive feedback.