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Hawkwolf is a hawk and a wolf. Actually she is neither. She is a person. Mostly.

Player Profile

  1. Player Name/Pronouns: Hawkwolf. Hawk is also acceptable. She/her
  2. Character name and pronouns: Adela Fletcher (She/her), Elisa Durant (She/her), and Mel Joyner (They/them)
    1. Adela Fletcher spent her pre-Durance life 100% laser focused on becoming a prima ballerina. Then when she got back from Arcadia, she found her fetch had done that instead. For various reasons she's moved to Philly to try to put her life back together - she runs a dance studio, but it's not quite enough for her, but she also doesn't know what would be. I want to play her getting more involved in Changeling affairs and politics, and dream stuffs. She's also a pretty decent fighter when she can break out her changeling powers.
    2. Elisa Durant is a history professor at Temple and member of the Plain. She's mostly been doing activism in the 'normal' ways - going to marches, signing petitions, donating to causes, but wants to get more directly involved. Especially because, well, she's an upper middle class white lady. If she can use that to help people without those privileges, she feels like she should.
    3. Mel Joyner spent their Durance trapped as an owl, and only memories of their sister helped them break free. But their sister has fallen in with vampires, and Mel Will Not Let This Stand. They wants to find whoever got their sister involved with the bloodsuckers and make them pay. Then make the vampires who've taken advantage of their sister pay. And then, eventually, get all the vampires out all together.
  3. Content warnings required or triggers to avoid in RP
    1. Eye trauma (Please avoid graphic descriptions in scenes my characters are in)
    2. People and/or creatures being burned alive (phobic)
    3. Drug use (Would rather avoid)
  4. Experiences or topics I'd like to engage
    1. With Adela
      1. Making close friends
      2. Adventures in the Hedge
      3. Motley forming
    2. With Elisa
      1. Helping stop violence
      2. Getting involved with supernatural shenanigans
    3. With Mel
      1. Dealing with vampires, especially if they can scare them.
      2. Finding allies in the Courts
      3. Learning more occult lore
  5. Experiences or topics I want to avoid
    1. Relationship drama. Like, realistic drama, possibly. But nothing soap opera level. And anything like cheating I'd really want to talk out ahead of time.
  1. You can make me feel included as a player by...
    1. Saying nice things about my characters/scenes
    2. Asking me to be involved in plot stuffs