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Changeling Team Lead

Spider is a vampire mermaid who lives in the Marianas Trench. There's no gluten there.

By day, Spider is the founder, designer, and co-owner of NerdyKeppie and is a leftist queer and disability rights activist. They also write for RPG companies including Green Ronin, Gallant Knight Games, and Onyx Path Publishing; they have written on Changeling, Vampire, Trinity, Scion and Blue Rose, among others.

Spider lives with their partners Untitled Goose Admin and DadHoc in a polyfidelitous triad.

Characters Played


  • Artje Berenyi-Winthrope - Artje is a delightful little frippery of a Carthian.
  • Jay - Jay is an Autumn Viking crow. Maybe a raven. It's a matter of a pinion.
  • Little Fox - Everyone's favorite Life Master trickster. One of The Firebirds.
  • Teagan - Teagan is a Summer Darkling Mirrorskin and member of the Direct Action motley. They are a reformed murderhobo and Everyone Talks To The Mirror.
  • Ziv - Spring Siren and Oneiromancer and talking-type person. Member of The Old Guard.


Player Survey
  1. Player Name/Pronouns: Spider, he/they (note: Spider is not a nickname, it's my legal name!)
  2. Character name and pronouns: Teagan, they/he. Little Fox, literally any pronouns. Ziv, they/she, Artje Berenyi-Winthrope, she/her.
  3. Content warnings required or triggers to avoid in RP
    1. Medical abuse or experimentation, to include forcible medical restraint (avoid on my player skin, discuss as an ST - I can storytell things including medical abuse, but I do not want to be involved in plots involving it as a player)
    2. Harm to dogs or children (warn, death of dogs is a hard no)
    3. Centipedes (avoid, extremely phobic)
    4. Homophobia/transphobia in plots (warn)
    5. Religious homophobia/transphobia (hard no, recovering Southern Baptist)
  4. Experiences or topics I'd like to engage
    1. Be Gay, Do Crimes
    2. Awesome queer stuff
    3. Judaism
    4. Class Struggle And Other Commie Stuff
    5. Hedge adventures
    6. Puzzles
  5. Experiences or topics I want to avoid
    1. I do not want Teagan to be blood bound or enthralled in any way by a vampire.
    2. Cheating or unfaithfulness in a relationship, being lied to by a romantic partner about matters of fidelity (whether by commission or omission)
    3. Lots of status jockeying in mortal organizations, it's just not my jam
    4. Lone wolf concepts make me yawn
    5. Trans 101 for cis people or "help I don't accept my gay self due to homophobia" while on my PC bits. I'm actively disinterested in this in my gaming because I have to deal with it IRL constantly. If your character has to have they/them pronouns explained to them IC, "doesn't understand" trans or non-binary people, needs to unpack their queer religious trauma, etc. I'm not likely to be interested in playing that out. We can RP other things! If this is a central pillar of your RP I'm likely to take a pass during my PC time tho.
  6. You can make me feel included as a player by...
    1. Making sure I'm taking time to play as well as staff!
    2. Seeking me out for smaller scenes; I can get burned out on bar/coffee shop RP
    3. Offering to trade storytelling with me or asking me to run something for you that's emotionally important for your character
Plot Scenes run by Spider

Spider (Changeling Team Lead)
Pronouns: He/They
Age: 44