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Custom Merits

Face the Camera ••

When a vampire with this merit activates the Blush of Life, they can also spend a willpower to choose to smother their Beast's desire to avoid having its image captured and suppress The Lost Visage for the duration of the Blush of Life. This allows them to show up in mirrors, on camera, or in videos for a limited time. This decision has to be made at the time that the Blush of Life is activated. If they wish to use this ability while the Blush of Life is already active, they can spend another point of vitae and the willpower to 'reset' the Blush with this ability.

Drawback: For the rest of the scene it's no longer possible to rely on the Lost Visage to avoid being picked up on camera or similar. This power isn't selective. The vampire can't engage in a video call on their phone and then break into a building during the same scene, and then rely on the buildings cameras not picking them up.

Speak Softly ••

Prerequisites: Carthian Status ••, City Status •, Intimidation •••

Some Carthians yell and rage and scream for all the world to hear. Some, on the other hand, never threaten anybody openly. Older members of the Revolution often learn this method, reserving their overt threats for when they really, really matter. Learning that the Carthian who smiles and smiles is still a Firebrand often takes unprepared opponents by surprise. 

Effect: On the rare occasion when someone who Speaks Softly makes a threat, it carries weight. The very fact that she's made an active threat diffuses political action. Using Speak Softly requires a point of Willpower, an instant action, and a Presence + Intimidation + City Status roll. Characters with City Status equal to or less than than her successes may not act against her or other Carthians in the scene either Physically or Socially without spending a point of Willpower. This Willpower does not add to the dice pool, and additionally, the dice pool suffers her City Status as a penalty.

Speak Softly may only be used once per scene. Physical violence from the Thug or any of her protected Carthians ends its effects immediately.