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Blood Sorcery

  • The Potency of a spell is capped at twice the user's Cruac rating.
  • The casting of a ritual immediately ends upon reaching the required success threshold; the caster can't keep going to increase potency.

Character Creation

See our page on Joining Vampire.

Coils of the Dragon

Coil of Zirnitra is not in use here.


  • Rigid Mask is a weirdly-written merit, and does not specify that an active power is required in order to trigger the Clash of Wills. It's also the only merit we could find in either book which specifies a Clash of Wills in the contexts of a merit as opposed to a Contract and/or Discipline. However, the Clash of Wills section on p126 of CtL 2.0 makes it clear that all Clashes of Wills happen when powers come into conflict. Therefore, without Auspex or other supernatural powers active, the Clash of Wills simply doesn't happen. Some other merits, such as Acute Senses, may come into play if a Lost is affected by a Changeling's strengthened Mask or a Vampire wishes to see through their attempts at emotional deception.

Custom Content


Learning Disciplines

This is a reminder, not a house rule, but learning a clan's unique discipline if it's not your Clan or Bloodline discipline requires a teacher who has that discipline already and drinking at least a point of their vitae, with everything that comes along with that.

This means that if you're starting play with any such Disciplines, you're probably also starting play with vitae addiction and the associated persistent Addicted condition.

Ghouls and Disciplines

  • Ghouls consider their regnant's in-clan Disciplines to be in-clan for purchasing them with XP.
  • Ghouls can only learn Auspex, Dominate, Majesty, Nightmare, and Protean dots if they drink from a vampire who knows that Discipline at that rating, in the same way as vampires.
  • Ghouls can learn other Disciplines even if their Regnant doesn't know them. The potential is in the blood.
  • Ghouls can learn blood sorcery, and can use Theban rituals that they're taught. They can't use Cruac rites beyond the first level, even though they can learn them, because any level 2 or greater rites require spilling of blood, and that's something that's expressly called out as not possible for ghouls. They can perform level 1 rituals in theory, but most Acolytes would not be accepting of their practices being taught to a mortal... even a ghoul.


  • The illusions caused by Nightmare 1 are not sufficient to cause a Clarity check in Lost. The fact that there is no resistance roll and the fact that Blood & Smoke was written literally years before 2.0 Lost means this requires a bit of handwavium for balance purposes. You can't induce Clarity damage in Lost with illusions that have no resistance roll.

Protean 3, Beast's Skin

While being in animal forms does permit you to activate disciplines as normal, if they require you to do something else that the animal form can't normally do (like if you're a dog and trying to use Dominate) you can't do other things that the animal form can't normally do.


  • The Khaibit Devotion "Pseshkf" can be used to boost unarmed attacks as if they were weapons. It lasts for one scene

Thousand Years of Night

Content from Thousand Years of Night is allowed for PC usage on a case-by-case basis, and only for characters with an age greater than 200 years and an accumulated XP total of at least 60. Please note that the purchase of ANY stat that has being an Elder as a prerequisite also means adopting the Elder Bane for your Clan. Approved stats will be listed here (none currently)