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 The current Walsingham, the eighth since the days of Gaveston the Unwise, served as Provost to the prior Walsingham. When it came time for his predecessor to retire, Walsingham was a shoo in by the Council. The move was widely considered to be a political placation of the Guardians of the Veil who had grown weary of offering their services without a voice in the government. His relation to the Guardian Caucus is unclear to outsiders. It is known he reports to Cypher, but that's to be expected. He doesn't appear to fill a role in the caucus beyond Councilor, giving rise to all sorts of rumors. That he's secretly the true Epopt. That he's the interfector. (Which would be quite the trick, given he's been in the room for punishments before.) That he's secretly a susceptor, or some shadowy agent with a role known only to the Guardian's enlightened elite. He seems to enjoy the speculation. In temperament he is gracious, even solicitous to Awakened and Sleepers alike. His manner is a touch anachronistic, giving off the impression of an 18th century Methodist minister. Patient, kind, reverent, and discerning. All of which belies his cunning and ruthlessness.

RP Hooks
  • Funeral Director - Through the conspiracy of fate and the machinations of his labyrinths, Walsingham sees to it that the notable dead make their way to his slab, where their names are written and their lives chronciled.
  • Moros Councilor - He represents all Moros before the Lex Magica on behalf of the council of the consilium. It's his job to hear you out.
  • Intrigues - While the council is his job, and chronicling the names of the dead is his calling, unraveling the intrigues of the consilium is his avocation.
  • History - Walsingham has an unnerving command of history which seems to leap readily to mind on many obscure topics. Rare historical texts, especially first editions, are treasured gifts for Walsingham.
Full Title

Second Degree Master Factotum Walsingham, Guardian and Necromancer on the Path to Stygia, Supernal Realm of Death and Matter, and abode of Shades, Doorwarden of the Council of the Wise, Councilor of the Martyr's Tree of the Lesser Convocation of the Northeast, Master of Death and Matter, Adept of Fate and Time, Disciple of Mind, Apprentice of Space and Prime


Councilor Walsingham, Guardian Necromancer (NPC)
Pronouns: He/Him
Date of Birth: ???
Apparent Age: 40s
Occupation: Funeral Home Director
Tenure: 16 years

Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Legacy: Stone Scribes
Cadre: Council of the Wise