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Ticket Format

Please use the below formatting when submitting your ticket for approval. Your ticket may be returned if it does not follow the below format, since this is in place to make sure that staff get all the information they need and can quickly process characters.

Player Name & Profile: Name and link to your player profile
Character Name:
Deed Name:
Character Wiki: [Please insert character wiki URL here]
Character Sheet Link: [Please insert character sheet link here, and see Approval Procedures to make sure it has all the relevant info]
Auspice Skill Dot:
Lodge: [If any]
Spirit Rank(s):
Fetishes: Approval sheet
Renown in Cunning, Glory, Honor, Purity, and Wisdom:
Gift Trees:
Kuruth Trigger:

Important Note: Please indicate which Facet of which Gift you are taking with Renown raises. Indicate it in the XP Log on your sheet as well as in the formatted expenditure below.

Starting Merit Dots Spent:
Here you list only your ten starting merit dots and where you spent them. Any merit dots purchased with XP should be listed below. The first column of #'s should total 10.

# Item 1
# Item 2
# Stat from 2 to 4
Where # should be the number of dots that spend costs.


2 Primal Urge 2
4 Resources 4
3 Wisdom 2

XP Spent:

# Item 1
# Item 2
# Stat from 2 to 4
Where # should be the number of XP that spend costs.


5 Primal Urge from 2 to 3
4 Brawl from 1 to 3
1 Brawl (Headbutting)

If banking XP for later expenditure, please put at the bottom: 'Banked XP: X'

Location Info

  1. If you have a Safe Place or a Den:
    1. Is it shared? If so, with whom/what group? (Please list 'Shared with X' on your sheet itself as well)
    2. Complete the Safe Place sheet found here and link it to your ticket here. Use the Pack Composite Sheet if purchasing this Safe Place with a pack here.
    3. Please list where it is, at least in vague terms: 'In the northeast'
    4. House? Apartment? Warehouse? What is it?

Fetishes or Talens:
[Item with full stats written up as per the Werewolf core book and the stat blocks found here, or NONE]. Fetish approval template here

Mundane Equipment:
[Mundane item, page X, book that's on our Books list - please do not submit equipment from books not on this list!
Modified items, full stats blocks, this will require staff review. Use the ticket template for custom equipment found here.
Anything your character could reasonably purchase at a store under normal circumstances, like a snack and water or a thing of super glue, you don't NEED to have it listed.
Loosely speaking, you can have a couple of items up to 2 dots above your Resources level, since Resources indicates liquid cash, not your full assets.]

[Please see Approval Procedures and make sure you have included all necessary items]


  1. Please affirm that you have read our Site_Policies, Game Conventions and Courteous Practices pages.

And then submit the ticket and wait. We are going to have our work cut out for us.

Please don't get discouraged if your character gets returned for review or tweaking -- this is what Beta is about. This isn't us picking on you, it doesn't mean we don't like your character. If anything, it means we really like your character and we want to make sure that you're set up properly so that we can best tell awesome stories in our shared universe. Getting bounced back for tweaking is not a denial, it is being returned for changes.