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Character Creation

  • You get free dots in Moon Gifts according to your Auspice Renown, a two Facets of Shadow Gifts from your Tribe and Auspice, and one (essentially free) facet of a Wolf Gift.
  • In addition to what's in the book, you may choose a Blood and Bone from the Blood and Bone list, or submit your own using the rules listed on that page.
  • Upon character creation, you are limited to one Renown at 5, and a second Renown at 4, and the rest may be at 3 or below.
  • Wolf-Blooded may take the merits: Supernatural Resistance, Aura Reading, Mind of a Madman, Cursed, Unseen Sense, Clairvoyance, Laying on Hands, and Medium.

Custom Abilities and Items

Dedicated Locus

  • When taking this merit, you must fill out and submit a Safe Place sheet, and indicate which of the setting Loci you are claiming. If you're originating a new Locus, please indicate its location and resonance.

Fetishes and Talens

  • When crafted, Fetishes and Talens must be supported by dots in Resources or Esoteric Armory equal to their rating.


  • The Pure Gift trees from Night Horrors: Shunned by the Moon are permitted: Agony, Blood, Disease, Fervor, and Hunger. These are all considered non-affinity.
  • The Gift of City (non-affinity) and the Gift of Essence are permitted: read them here.

Hunting Natures

  • Hunting Natures are not in use; no drawbacks or benefits of Hunting Nature Conditions are granted.



  • Raising Renown in-play beyond 3 must be justified.
  • You are limited to one Renown at 5 upon character creation, and a second at 4.


  • The Merits Good Time Management and Patient apply to Rites.
  • When you learn a Rite from someone else, you do not have to inherit their dice pool. You may select your own, representing your own spin on the Rite.


  • Werewolves do not take quarrel with other supernaturals dwelling inside their territory, provided there has been no conflict or action to provoke such.

House Rule Merits

Once-Wolf (•)
Prerequisites: Non-Forsaken Supernatural Major Template
Effect: Your character was a Wolf-Blooded, prior to whatever supernatural events caused her to become a Mage, Vampire, Changeling, or other Major Template. This grants her no specific mechanical advantages: she is not able to purchase Totem as a result of this merit (though may be able to for other reasons). She knows about Werewolves, and Werewolf Society, and may be generally on good terms with them as a whole, though her own actions or the actions of others may of course change this. Werewolves detect Once Wolves the same way they would Wolf-Blooded, but require a successful Wits + Occult roll to tell the difference.

Pack Affinity (• or •••)
Prerequisites: Membership in a pack
Whether from a great deal of time spent in each other's company, a strong totem bond, or other events, the bond between packmates with this merit has an undeniable and tangible strength. Packmates pick up on each other's moods, finish one another's sentences, and anticipate the needs of their pack and individual packmates. This sort of uncanny awareness of one another may unsettle those unaware of the intensity of their bond.
At the one-dot level, the Uratha gains +1 to Social rolls with her packmates, due to her ability to read their body language and a subconscious awareness of her pack's moods. This bonus extends to the entire pack as long as one member has the Merit.
At the three-dot level, the pack's bond becomes truly intense. Regardless of distance, she knows the general mood of each of her packmates, and becomes instantly aware of any massive shifts in mood--including any form of Kuruth. She may utilize this awareness to send messages of up to three words to her packmates upon which no one can eavesdrop by any means--the messages are encoded in the understanding the pack has of one another's moods, body language, and mindset. In combat, this does not require an action, similarly to a character's ability to speak while also taking an instant action, but in combat the Uratha must choose between speaking and utilizing this private communication.
Drawback: Regardless of distance, packmates with the three-dot version suffer the highest wound penalty of any packmate, even those without the merit. Merits or powers which ameliorate wound penalties only do so for the Uratha who actually has the merit. (If Bob and Alice have the three-dot version, and Bob is injured but Alice has a merit that allows her to ignore wound penalties, only Alice benefits from it.) 'Feeling one another's pain' becomes frightfully literal when your ties get this strong.