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The Werewolf Auspices
In Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, greater societal emphasis is placed on one's Tribe over one's Auspice, and maybe that is a commentary in and of itself about the distinctions between who someone is born as, and who they choose to be.

There are no Auspice leaders or Auspice-based organizations or hierarchy, though there are certainly more prominent members among each, and it's not uncommon for those born under the same face of the Moon to pal around together, or to test themselves by challenging one another to feats within the purview of their shared gifts.

Despite the emphasis on Tribes, it's been noted, whether officially or not, that at least one voice from each of the Auspices will be often consulted before the Protectorate takes any major action, though this is just as likely a measure to take in all manner of perspectives as it is anything else.

Cahalith, The Visionaries of the Gibbous Moon

Cahalith lorekeepers, visionaries, artists, and dreamers have flourished in Philadelphia. Often the keepers of knowledge within their respect packs, Tribes, or Lodges, those who Changed under the Gibbous Moon are rich in local history and inspiration, and it serves them well.

With one eye on the past in the form of their lore, and one on the future as glimpsed through their prophetic dreams, the local Cahalith hope to unravel and make sense of what lies in store for the region.

These are the current Cahalith in Philadelphia.

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Elodoth, The Walkers Between of the Half Mooon

The Half Moon represents balance, and balance is the the boon, the quest, and the obligation of the Elodoth. The Elodoth of Philadelphia have had centuries of practice in striving to maintain that tenuous accord, and it was unsurprisingly an Elodoth known as Talking-Blood who penned the first draft of the charter of the People's Delaware Valley Protectorate.

Many serve as judges, litigators, arbiters, negotiators, investigative specialists, and mediators in some fashion or another, though those responsibilities and inclinations don't always manifest vocationally.

These are the current Elodoth in Philadelphia.

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Irraka, The Stalkers of the New Moon

Philadelphia is riddled with boltholes, draped in long stretches of darkness, and smothered in crowds; each, in their own way, ideal for one of the New Moon's favored children to slip and slink unseen. Subtly and quietly, the Irraka of Delaware Valley have influenced and struck from the shadows, and the Forsaken of this Auspice are kin to stealth, to deception, and to secrets.

Assassins, lawyers, thieves, charity organizers, security specialists: the adaptable, subtle stalkers of the Irraka take all manner of shapes, but primarily those best suited to enable their relentless, silent hunts.

These are the current Irraka in Philadelphia.

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Ithaeur, the Spirit Masters of the Cresent Moon

The mystics and shamans that prowl Philadelphia in both the Material and the Hisil have been among the most prominent forces in recalled memory, and the size and scope of the Spirit Courts are both awe-inspiring and terrifying, both titillating and unnerving to those who Changed under the Crescent Moon. The legacy of Ithaeur in the region is one of spirit masters for whom the stakes could rarely be higher.

The city teems with the Shadow and its denizens, and Ithaeur are possessed of a special sensitivity and relationship with those ephemeral locals.

These are the current Ithaeur in Philadelphia.

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Rahu, the Warriors of the Full Moon

The furious and strength-obsessed Rahu have met challenges, threats, and prey head-on time and time again in Philadelphia, often if not always leading the charge themselves. Their zest for conflict and their first to enter, last to leave the battlefield mentality are the shears that keep the Auspice ever-pruned, and every member of the People knows that an elder Rahu is quite a formidable thing; it's the grey-haired warriors you should be the most afraid of.

When a Rahu in Philadelphia reaches old age, they are not a survivor. They are a victor.

These are the current Rahu in Philadelphia.

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The Wolf-Blooded

The blood of the Uratha runs thick in Philadelphia, and for reasons that are not entirely understood, the local Wolf-Blooded population has always been larger-than-average. Whether by spiritual inheritance, blood lineage, or spontaneous change, there are simply more Wolf-Blooded in the city than there are in cities of comparable size.

While an exact census can never really be known, either in Delaware Valley or elsewhere, this quirk has been an enduring local curiosity that has spawned a dozen theories in a dozen directions. Some call it proof of Father Wolf and Mother Luna's favor, and some simply chalk it up to having tight communities in the form of Tribes and the Protectorate to identify, cultivate, and protect fledgling Wolf-Blooded.

These are the current Wolf-Blooded in Philadelphia.

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