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The Wolf Packs of Philadelphia
 The Packs of Philadelphia are in a state of flux right now; while some of the old guard still stand tall, very few were without some kind of loss in the Wounding.
Pack Recruitment

Packs Recruiting

  • Pack: This is for existing packs who are currently recruiting (ie, you already have a pack sheet). What are you looking for?
  • Unbekannt - We aren't actively recruiting but are open to new members. Currently we have a BT Rahu, BT Irraka and BS Ithauer. It's fine if we double up a bit. New members should be able to cope with Austrian formality and the pack being super tight, which isn't a contradiction.

Looking For a Pack

Unpacked Uratha and Wolf-Blooded are encouraged to leave their names here if they're in search of a pack of their own.

  • Jacob Caulfield, Ithaeur Bone Shadow.
  • Sierra Roen, Irraka Bone Shadow. A sneaky, damage dealing wolf wizard who can all-around support buff the hell out of her allies, craft Fetishes, and share a unique Sacred Hunt benefit.
  • James "Killy" Kill, Cahalith Blood Talon, singer of songs, harbinger of doom, good cuddle buddy
  • Katia Borysov, Cahalith Iron Masters. Would stridently deny she's looking for a new pack, but really needs one. Storyteller in two languages. Well, three if you count First Tongue.
Active Packs
Inactive Packs