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Where Are You From?

Where have your characters worked and lived? List them here to link up backgrounds!

Werewolf Mentor List

Rite Teachers

  • Someone Who Can Teach A Rite: The Rite(s) They Can Teach
  • Sierra Roen: Sacred Hunt, Bottle Spirit (Bone Shadows only), Fetish, Shadowcall, Ephemeral Attunement

Looking For Rite Teacher

  • Someone Who Wants to Learn a Rite: The Rite they Wish to Learn.

Mentors for Skills, Merits, etc.

This is purely an RP mechanic. If your character is willing to teach, say, Parkour, list it below so that other players can seek you out for RP!

  • Someone with a Skill: The Skill.

Werewolf Plots

After It Happened:

  Philadelphia's Forsaken population has recently suffered a devastating blow, and danger is more imminent than ever.
Inner Rot:
 The Iron Master Tribe has had designs on cleansing and re-shaping the Corruption resonance of a Locus in City Hall, but things have spiraled out of control.

Local Shadow Mysteries:
  There's no lack of Shadow nonsense for the People to Hunt, to study, to manipulate, or to resolve. Ephemeral enigmas lurk around every corner.

Looking for Pack

Packs Recruiting

  • Pack: This is for existing packs who are currently recruiting (ie, you already have a pack sheet). What are you looking for?
  • Unbekannt - We aren't actively recruiting but are open to new members. Currently we have a BT Rahu, BT Irraka and BS Ithauer. It's fine if we double up a bit. New members should be able to cope with Austrian formality and the pack being super tight, which isn't a contradiction.

Looking For a Pack

Unpacked Uratha and Wolf-Blooded are encouraged to leave their names here if they're in search of a pack of their own.

  • Jacob Caulfield, Ithaeur Bone Shadow.
  • Sierra Roen, Irraka Bone Shadow. A sneaky, damage dealing wolf wizard who can all-around support buff the hell out of her allies, craft Fetishes, and share a unique Sacred Hunt benefit.
  • James "Killy" Kill, Cahalith Blood Talon, singer of songs, harbinger of doom, good cuddle buddy
  • Katia Borysov, Cahalith Iron Masters. Would stridently deny she's looking for a new pack, but really needs one. Storyteller in two languages. Well, three if you count First Tongue.