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The Wound of Bancroft Mills
Once a mill complex and long abandoned, Bancroft Mills was a teeming shoal for decades. In the spring of 2020, a bloodsoaked clash of Forsaken and Pure ripped a grievous injury through the Gauntlet, and now the Wound festers in Wilmington.

Sensing a looming threat in the form of mounting forces of Anshega, Pure Tribes, the People of the Protectorate corralled their quarry into that long-abandoned husk of a place, and were ambushed. Everything that could have gone wrong did and the Forsaken were forced to retreat. Many Blood Talons chose to die on the field of battle rather than turn their back on the enemy.

The deeply felt losses sustained by the People of the Delaware Valley Protectorate, and the simultaneous eruption of the Wound have led to the battle itself being known as the Wounding of Bancroft.

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Malevolent Spirits of the Wound
Grisly, violent, and baleful spirits released into this side of the Gauntlet through the schism of the Wound have infested Bancroft Mills and the surrounding area, magnetized to the wotherworldly resonances.

Spirits that lingered here before the Wounding and then foolishly dared to sip from its tainted Essence have become abominable shades of their former selves, overcome by the destructive and hateful influences and energies.

Though they rarely coalesce or coordinate the way most umia do, there are nevertheless several notable types of spirits that prowl Bancroft Mills and feast on the gaping lesion of the Wound:

  • Berserkers, or Hudhuz, are rage spirits that often appear, morbidly, as enraged and bloodthirsty fallen warriors. They are not ghosts, and any dead foe or comrade they adopt the shape of is mere coincidence, not that anyone could recognize a familiar face through the twisted scowl of lethal rage.
  • Fog Vipers, or Farsekh Mirska, are torture spirits that take the shape of winding, venomous serpents that conceal their number in a bed of mist and then lash out at their prey.
  • The massive Usum, a sizable serpent spirit, is coiled around the heart of the Wound itself, several times over.
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