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The Mind’s Eye Society

 Founded in 1990 by William Rogers and Devan Orsey, the Mind’s Eye Society is a haven for mortals who find themselves drawn in the world of the supernatural. The clique functions as a support group, research team, and investigation force; seeking out unnatural occurrences to learn about them and protect humans if need be. While some might balk at the amount of self-experimentation the Society does, membership does have its privileges. Whether it’s a rare book or understanding shoulder to lean on, the Mind’s Eye Society functions as a close knit community that seeks to improve the lives of its members by providing them resources in an unforgiving world.

 The Society meets once a month at Shelf Indulgence—Will’s occult, non-mainstream religion, and fringe science bookstore—at least as a group; members regularly communicate their latest finds and potential threats or new members, as well carry on social relationships beyond the camaraderie of the club of hobbyists. Members have come and gone over the years, some setting aside the stranger part of their lives, others disappearing under mysterious circumstances. While most who leave do so because they’ve started a family rather than because they went poking around the railroad tracks and were never seen again, there is a certain cloud of danger that hangs over the group, which probably explains why they cleave so close together.

 These days, the Society has a sizable membership, and enjoys a certain peace that was certainly not always present. With a diversity of members, from psychic vampires to overly-curious college professors, the group has a wide array of skills and abilities with which to face the future. Will you add to their ranks? How much more could you learn about the occult world; about yourself?


Staffers responsible for this Hobbyist Clique:

Players in charge of IC membership within the society:

Rules and System

 Membership in the Mind's Eye Society grants a character eligibility to purchase the Hobbyist Clique merit from Chronicles of Darkness 2.0 p51.

Joining the Mind’s Eye Society

 The only mechanical considerations for being a member of the Mind’s Eye Society are that members must be mortal. Those with non-affiliated lesser templates (found in Hurt Locker) or other supernatural merits are certainly welcome (and quite possibly actively recruited), but members of other spheres are restricted to being allies if they wish to associate with the Society.

 Mortals without supernatural merits of any kind must possess at least one dot of the occult skill to be members, representing the knowledge that led them to associate with the MES in the first place.

 Characters may reflect membership in the Mind's Eye Society by purchasing the Hobbyist Clique merit.

Theme and Society

 The Mind’s Eye Society is about community, about finding a place to belong in a frightening world, and maybe being able to make it a better place. Secrets are dangerous things, and you either seek to rob them of that power, or use it to carve safety out of the monolith of the unknown. They seek to bring light to the darkness, and embrace the security that brings.

 Maybe you’re just a normal person who saw a real ghost, or a no-shit monster. Unlike other humans, you didn’t look away. You poked and prodded, found things others don’t care to know, maybe even sought out one of the strange things you saw. Regardless, now you know it’s real, and on some level, you can’t look away ever again. And now that curiosity has brought you to Shelf Indulgence. The Society can sate curiosity like you wouldn’t believe, even guide you to power if you have the gift, and they’re willing to share in exchange for loyalty and willingness to be part of their group.

 Maybe you’re more than mortal. Perhaps you have strange powers, or are something not entirely human anymore. An oddity, you are in many ways at least partially estranged from the mundane world and its mindless ignorance. For you, the Mind’s Eye Society is a community, a place where others who understand you exist. Even if they aren’t exactly the same kind of weird that you are, the other more-than-human members can share experience and empathy. On top of that, you can test yourself, find your limits, maybe even find out how your abilities really tick, and for you, knowing who you are is a lot more complicated than it is for other people.

Current Plots