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Bone Shadow Ithaeur
 A 20 euro man in a 10 euro suit.

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RP Hooks

Archaeology: For real. Ludwig spends a lot of time digging holes and inventorying the bits that aren't dirt.

Roman Frontier: Ludwig was once considered one of the foremost authorities on Roman Frontier Archaeology, particularly along the Danube and Elbe rivers.

Nazi Hunting: Somewhere along the way, Ludwig ran afoul of the Thule Society in particular and neo-Nazis in general. He's made it his hobby to hunt them all down.

Altman Foundation: Being wealthy himself, and from a wealthy family, Ludwig began building his legacy some time ago. The Altman Foundation is a philanthropic entity on its surface, and a means of providing housing, income, and education to foundling wolves and wolfbloods. Not necessarily Altmans. His goal is to keep Uratha bloodlines from falling to the Pure.

Rite Master: Ludwig knows a great many rites, and is always seeking more.

The Library: Believing that knowledge is the best weapon, he sought to amass a collection of knowledge regarding the threats common to his pack, family, and the Uratha as a whole. Consequently, he has amassed a vast library on subjects of Academic and Occult interest, as well as information specific to Ghosts and Spirits. He even plundered the occult library of Karl Willigut, a noted Nazi Occultist.

Underestimated: Ludwig doesn't look like much. He's skinny, sickly looking, not particularly strong by Uratha standards, and shies away from most direct conflict. He's quick to show neck, doesn't seem to have much of a dominant streak to him, and *seems* to cleave more heavily to the man than the wolf. But many bodies have gone up the chimney at his family's crematorium, having once belonged to someone quite certain of Ludwig's harmless and servile nature.

Russian Mob: While not technically a member in his own right, Ludwig's deceased wife *was*. He even spent a good many years living in Moscow, and never shied away from doing their work when it suited his ends. They remain good friends to have from time to time.

High Society: Ludwig has an impressive pedigree if you're not actually European. He's just sort of a rich eccentric nut in that rarified air. In the states, however, he reeks of old world class, the mysteries of the Danube, the secrets of the city where east meets west. And boy does he milk it.

Education: Ludwig is a Professor Emeritus of the Universitat Wien. A fancy way of saying he's not actually a professor there any longer. He still writes papers for them, sends the occasional find back their way, but mostly uses it for the free e-mail address, the business cards, and the letterhead. He remains an authority in his field, however, and his opinion on matters of Roman and Germanic archaeology is highly regarded.

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Cunning 1: Infiltrated Pure territory to research a wound.

Cunning 2: Stole a library on the occult from the Thule Society.

Glory 1: Helped his sister out of Kuruth on numerous occasions.

Glory 2: Helped defeat a powerful spirit of an alligator in Vienna's sewers.

Purity 1: Took a mate, Natalya. She is now deceased.

Purity 2: Produced a daughter by his union to Natalya. Lyudmila Natalyanova Altman.

Wisdom 1: Made numerous agreements with the local clock spirits around his pack's locus in Vienna.

Wisdom 2: Helped to grow a locus belonging to his pack in Vienna.

Wisdom 3: Discovered the ban of a massive spirit that ruled a wound in the Prater District of Vienna.

Wisdom 4: Bound a massive spirit that commanded a wound in the Prater district of Vienna as his part in starting to cleanse the wound.

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Toad the Wet Sprocket, I Will Not Take These Things for Granted
Death Cab For Cutie, I'll Follow You Into the Dark
Silversun Pickups, Well Thought Out Twinkles
Amanda Palmer, Runs in the Family
The Wallflowers, God Says Nothing Back
Toad the Wet Sprocket, Pray Your Gods
Prodigy, Firestarter
Three Days Grace, Just Like You
Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova, Lies

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Ludwig Altman

Still here reclimbing every rung,
Someone saw something,
Someone speak up.
Back over the rotted bridge I cross.
Open up these graves, let these bodies talk.
Buried under leaves blood red and gold,
Death says nothing back but I told you so,

I told you so.

  -Wallflowers, God Says Nothing Back

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Full Name: Dr. Ludwig Johannes Altman, PhD
Pronouns: He/Him
Blood/Bone: The Fox / Guru
Public Effects: Primal-Urge: 3
Education Status: 3
High Society Status: 2
Crime Status (Russian Mob): 1
Occupation: Professor Emeritus of Roman Frontier Archaeology at Universitat Wien, Vienna, Austria
Partner, Altman Funeral Homes
Chairman, Altman Family Foundation
Age: 52
Height: 6'2"
Auspice: Ithaeur
Tribe: Bone Shadow
Pack: Unbekannt
Rank: 3


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Played By: AdHocAvenger