Ruairi Byrne

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  • Stats: 6'1, 1 Blue eye, 1 White eye, Black Hair, Multiple Tattoos.
  • Description: Ruairi is a 6'1 tall, dark haired lad with the distinguishing feature of one white eye and one blue. His clothing tends to black, with punk elements, though color does occasionally occur. As for jewelry? He tends to wear a single earring, though both ears are pierced, and sports plenty of tattoos of various importance.


Public History:

- Fairly recent
- Is probably up to no good

  • "Part of the Fam" - Ruairi knows he's wolfblooded, and is hails from a solid Hunters in Darkness lineage.
  • "Troublemaker" - He's part of the Irish Mafia, hailing originally from out of state, and arriving to assist the current faction (supposedly). Rumor has it, his own dad was assassinated in Philly, and no one knows who did it. Yet.
  • "Friend to the Underdog" - Ruairi has a thing for the downtrodden in society. He finds time to make 'friends' with the people on the street, and takes efforts to ensure whatever he's doing, is deserved.


Darren Lynch:


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Legal Name:
Ruairi Byrne
Apparent Age:
Mid Twenties
Evil Eye
Anger Issues

Public Effects:
  • Wolf Blood
  • Status 2 (Irish Mafia [K&A])
  • Allies 2 (Irish Mafia)
  • Trained Observer
  • Danger Sense
  • Stealth 4
  • Mismatched eyes
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Hikaon-Ur's Blood

"The Red"

"Fire in My Mind"

"Highway to Hell"

"Drown Me Out"